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Terese Jurgensen; March 5, 2015

A Video is Worth
a Thousand Words!
It has been an exciting week at Crestwood Elementary, and I am looking forward to sharing several short video clips in the Weekly Update. There were several moments this week when I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, and I caught “learning in action!”  The students in our school are experiencing so many exciting hands-on STEM activities. The learning that is taking place is something special to see and hear about, directly from our students. I have also included one of the videos made by our students, with the help of Todd Knobloch, our GAT Instructor, sharing out, “test taking strategies” for the Iowa Assessments, which will take place next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please remember, it is important to have our students, well-rested and well-fed with a good breakfast every day of the school year, but especially during the Iowa Assessments. As an elementary school, our goal is to remove any fear or anxiety of these assessments, and as an individual and as a group……. to do our very best work!

A Week Focused on Reading!

We had exciting Reading activities throughout Crestwood this week, as we celebrated “Read Across America Week” and “World Read Aloud Week.” There were Dr. Seuss Centers set up in our Media Center during Library Time, and the upper elementary grades as well as the high school students from Julie Carter’s English Class, supported our younger elementary students. A huge “Thank you,” to all of the volunteers who supported Reading this week!

“Picture Framed” here are 5th Grade Students who read and helped kindergarten students at the Dr. Seuss Reading Centers in the library!

“Because, after all,
 a person’s a person, no matter how small.”
“I’ll find it!” cried Horton. “I’ll find it or bust!
I SHALL find my friends on my small speck of dust!”
 “We’ve GOT to make noises in greater amounts! 
So, open your mouth, lad! For every voice counts!”

An excerpt from "Horton Hears a Who..."

Reading Rally!
We kicked off our week with a Reading Rally with Time Life for KidsThis fundraiser helps us to get a student version of the magazine, TIME, for all of our students' grades,  K-6. The students loved the rally and the opportunity to win fun prizes. Pictured below are Mrs. Ihde, Mrs. J. and a 1st grade student wearing the fun hats and some cute bear necklaces that will be given as prizes.

Fourth Grade Science ~ Creating Light Bulbs

It's Electric! 

It's Electric! The Fourth Grade Students have been busy exploring electricity and simple circuits! In the past four weeks, we have learned about open and closed circuits and how they effect series and parallel circuits. We have also explored fuses and how they help keep our homes safe! Our favorite was building our own lightbulb out of clay, Nichrome wire, insulated wire and a battery! As we wrap up our unit this week, we will view a Safety with Electricity presentation from Hawkeye REC. We can't wait to watch them fry the hot dog as they teach us how to be safe around electricity in our homes. 


Iowa Assessments

Tuesday, March 10; Wednesday, March 11; Thursday, March 12

During this past week, our students, grades 3rd - 6th, have been preparing for the Iowa Assessments next week by learning test taking strategies and practicing filling in "bubble sheets." Each class, with the help of Mr. Todd Knobloch, have made videos - sharing out a variety of test taking tips. I have visited each of the classrooms and have been impressed with our students' positive attitudes about doing their best work! Here is the 4th Grade Video - it is really great!  Enjoy!

Have a great week!
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Terese Jurgensen

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