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April 17, 2015 JCC

District Perspective
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April is School Library Month. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Howard-Winn Librarian Denise Shekleton along with Library associates Edna Vandervort and Cheryl Riha. 

The Teacher-Librarian and associates play a crucial role in supporting teacher and student learners. The ability to access knowledge is a vital 21st century skill that enhances creativity and imagination. Denise, Edna and Cheryl, your servant leadership is valued and appreciated!  

Learning at Howard-Winn last week!   

2015-16 Howard-Winn Redesign
Work continues on redesign and reconfiguring the District for the 2015-16 School year. Many items are still "in play" but we have forward momentum.  

Staff and Campus alignment
  • All Grades K-12 will all attend at the Crestwood Campus in Cresco. Specifically this means the 4th grade will relocate from the Howard-Winn Lime Springs campus to Howard-Winn / Crestwood campus in Cresco. 
  • Reduction In Force (RIF) notices will be delivered next week. Please keep in mind
    this is a process of several parts. Step 1: RIF notices delivered. Step 2: Based on seniority, RIF staff members will be given a choice of open positions. A RIF staff member, when given a choice, does NOT take the choice, their employment with the District ends. Step 3: RIF staff members will will have recall rights for 2 years. 
  • Early retirement and resignations does impact the reduction in force however RIF notices are still needed. The collaboration with HWEA on the RIF process is valued. 
  • Staff decision will be made on enrollment projections we have now. The thinking is that teachers would be recalled as needed should enrollment increase.  
  • We will operate a Pre-School classroom in Lime Springs for the 2015-16 school year. At present there are 11 students enrolled. 
  • Friday, April 17 was the closing date for 7-12 Principal applications. The District received 28 applications. The applications will be reviewed after school Monday, April 20 with 1st round SKYPE interviews to be scheduled for later in the week. On Site interviews to be scheduled the week of April 27, 2015.    

2015-16 Calendar Approved
The Board took action and has approved the 2015-15 school calendar. THANK YOU to all who participated and contributed thinking. A special THANK YOU to members of the District Advisory Committee for their input. The 2015-16 calendar can also be found on the District's Web and Facebook pages. 
Howard-Winn Elma Campus Update
The Board decided not to accept the City of Elma's counter proposal on taking ownership of the Howard-Winn Elma campus. The City of Elma requested $20,000 from the District along with the building and grounds. Discussion will continue however if a resolution is not reached, other options will be pursued to liquidate the property. The building does have worth and there have been inquirers. 

US Department of Education to visit Howard-Winn
As part of the US Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, Future Ready initiative, a film crew will be on site Wednesday, April 30 and Monday May 1. They are looking to create 7 videos on topics ranging from: Leading a culture shift toward future ready change, Technology deployment to create a sense of community and support for education, Leadership for digital transformation and culture shift within a district, Connecting learning to student passion and encouraging entrepreneurialism, and Personalized learning tied to student passion, curriculum aligned and technology enhanced. Howard-Winn is one of 9 school district from across the United States selected for this project. This is happening because of the transformational work happening in classrooms. Stay tuned for updates and more information.

Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest Food Packaging Event
Last September hundreds of volunteers, young and old, came together to make a difference
both here in the Region and throughout the world. Over 130,000 meals were packaged with over 50,000 meals were distributed through the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. This was truly Iowans helping Iowans.

Plans are now underway for this year's event! Remember this is a two-part service project. Part 1: raise the funds to purchase the food stuff. Part 2: volunteer your time to come this fall and package the meals!  More information will follow! Join the CADETS and make a difference!

"Shout Outs"
  • WAY TO GO 6th grader Morgan Moser on her trumpet solo at last Monday's School Board Meeting! 
  • FINALLY Good Weather! Good Luck CADET Golf and Track TEAMS! 
  • The K-1 Vocal Concert ROCKED THE HOUSE!

  • SPECIAL "THANK YOU" and "SHOUT OUT" to the Buildings and Grounds crew for keeping our campus clean and getting them ready for Spring! 
  • For those attending PROM this weekend! Have FUN, Make Good Choices, and BE SAFE!  

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