Monday, April 20, 2015

Hilsabeck 4/16/15

Activities Director/Dean of Students
Brian Hilsabeck
Twitter: @BrianHilsabeck

Week Ahead: 

Saturday 4/18: Prom

Monday 4/20: JV/V Boys Track @ Decorah 5:00
                       Girls Golf HERE vs. Charles City 4:00
                       Boys Golf @ Charles City 4:00

Tuesday 4/21: JV/V Girls Track HERE 4:30 (Volunteers needed)
                       JH Girls Track @ Charles City 4:15
                       JH Boys Track @ New Hampton 4:15

Thursday 4/23: JV/V Girls Track @ NFV 4:30
                         Girls Golf @ Nashua Plainfield
                         JH Girls Track HERE 4:15 (Volunteers needed)
                        JH Boys Track @ Waukon 4:15

Friday 4/24: Boys Golf and Girls Golf HERE vs. Turkey Valley 4:00

***If you would like to volunteer for the track meets PLEASE contact me at my email listed above.  Thank you in advance as it takes many workers to run a meet effectively.

Teammates will have their "Up's and Down's" during the course of their school career, yet the relationships they develop will last a lifetime.

Student-athletes and parents often face adversity from many different angles.  Depending how the response is will become their way of life when dealing with adversity. 

Just remember: Kids change and mature at different times of their lives.  Just because they succeed in "pee-wee" league, junior high, or even high school doesn't mean they are ready for the pro sports.  Let them enjoy the moment and be a support system for them instead of adding pressure.  They put enough pressure on themselves.

Track records are a pattern.  Coaches and activity sponsors correct our student-athletes to make them better on a daily basis in order to help them succeed.

 Complaints issued need to be constructive - NOT destructive.

Letting students fail from time to time will only strengthen them for future success.  If we work together as a team and have a strong system in place the student will gain many "tools" for them to succeed at the game of LIFE.

Have a Great Week!

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