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JCC April 10, 2015

District Perspective
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Empowered students, engaged in learning. When students take ownership in their learning, unlimited energy is released. To get this it is crucial teachers get to know their students, come to know their strengths, passions and create an environment that inspires creativity and imagination. It is EXCITING to see how Howard-Winn teachers, at all levels K-12, are transforming teaching and learning and it is EXCITING to see the kids EXCITED!

Update: DRAFT 2015-16 School Calendar
Attached is the latest DRAFT of the 2015-16 school calendar. The input from the District Advisory Committee on this is valued and appreciated. For 2015-16 instruction for students will be based on "hours". The Teacher Master Contract is based on 192 "days" (including paid holidays).

  • The first day of classes is Monday, August 24.  
  • Teacher Professional Learning will occur once a month on a Monday in lieu of the Wednesday early outs. 
  • By Iowa Law, students are to have a minimum of 1,080 hours of instruction. With this proposed calendar instruction hours for students is 1,123.5. The surplus hours will be used to offset delays and school closures due to weather. 
  • The 1st semester will end after Winter Break. 
  • Teachers by contract, will make up time missed due to possible weather related school closures.
  • The last day of classes will be May 24, 2016. 
This Board of Education will review and act on this proposal at the April Board meeting Monday, April 13, 7:00 p.m. at Lime Springs.  

Update: Howard-Winn Elma Campus
With the closure of the Howard-Winn campus in Elma this fall, the Board has been in discussion with Elma City Council. The Board offered the Elma campus, building and grounds, to the city of Elma to lease one year for $1. At the end of the lease the District would gift the complex outright to the city. There is also a 28E agreement for a Child Care facility to operate within the Elma building. The Child Care operation is not a Howard-Winn program and the expectation is the operation is self-sustaining. 

The Board's thinking was the year lease would give the city a year to explore uses for the complex and direction for the Child Care. 

The City of Elma is interested in the complex but has made a request to the District for $20,000 for upgrades. With the upgrades, the city would then take the complex.

The Board's options are to either accept Elma's counter or move to a public sale of the complex.  

As has been shared previously, because of declining enrollment and falling state funding, the District is looking to make $750,000 in reductions. 

The District does have 28e agreements with Child Care programs in Cresco and Lime Springs. These also are not Howard-Winn Community Schools programs and operate under the direction of their own independent Boards. 

This matter will be before the Howard-Winneshiek School Board at Monday's meeting in Lime Springs.

Mock Crash
Last week a "Mock Crash" simulation was conducted for Crestwood High School students. The intent was to lift up and encourage students to make good choices when they get behind the wheel of a car.  

This event was VERY "life-like" and held the students' attention. The dangers of texting while driving was a point of focus and in the matter of seconds, eyes off the road, tragedy can happen. A very special THANK YOU to all who helped make this learning experience happen.  

Howard-Winn at the Capitol
Thursday via ZOOM, Howard-Winneshiek students gave State legislators a virtual tour of their classrooms and how we learn. "WOW, they are so young, What does all this cost?, This is very COOL, Why is it not like this in all Iowa classrooms?" were comments from legislators and government official. 

Representative Josh Byrnes took part in the "tour" and came away greatly impressed. For me personally it is an honor to share what you and the students are doing!  Every time we get to tell our story is another opportunity to share the GREAT things we have here in rural NE IOWA and to plant the seed for folks to come and join the excitement. CADETS FORWARD!

  • Keep your fingers crossed that warm weather will be here soon so the Track and Golf TEAMS can get after it! CADETS FORWARD!
  • VERY COOL! Alum-Line trailer to be a part of A&E reality television show "Shipping Wars". GREAT THINGS happen in Howard County!  

"Got to" LOVE the Music!
Excitement is building for the weekend's Jazz Spotlight. Great music, good food, wonderful experience! Come enjoy and see CADET TALENT!

Learning at Howard-Winn this last week looked like.......

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