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JCC April 24, 2015

District Perspective
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PROM 2015 was a wonderful success! Crestwood students looked stunning!  A special THANK YOU to staff, parents and student leaders for making this a special memory. For more pictures visit the attached site.  CADETS ROCK!

It seems we are heading into the "home stretch" of the 2014-15 school year at breakneck speed! Looking back it has, and continues to be, an AMAZING adventure full of challenges and opportunities! For me, it is inspiring how together we meet and move through each challenge and seek to leverage opportunities. The Howard-Winneshiek Community School District is a very special place. Change is hard. Howard-Winn is moving forward!

CADET NATION: Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest Food Packaging Event
Howard-Winn has a "dollar for dollar" match for funds the school raises between now and the end of the school year for the September Meal packaging event. This is WAY COOL. Last year the CADETS raised $1,974.00 with events that included "$s for JEANS" from staff. Be thinking of ways we can surpass this total from last year!     

7-12 Principal Selection
The process is underway for selecting the next 7-12 principal! Representatives from grades 7-12, Board Members, administration, NICC and District Advisory Committee reviewed 27 applications, screening down to 6 candidates for the initial SKYPE interviews. From the SKYPE interviews, 3 candidates were selected for the formal interview. Barb Schwamman, currently PK-8 Principal at South Winneshiek, Christopher Rogne currently PK / 2-8 principal, Junior High Athletic Director at West Fork Schools, Rockwell, Iowa and David Ross, Secondary Principal, Harmony Community School District, Farmington, Iowa. Formal interviews to occur between April 27, 28 and 29. A recommendation will be brought forward to the Board of Education at the regular May 11, 2015 meeting.

Staff Restructuring
  • The 7-12 Family and Consumer Science will be a shared position with Turkey Valley and tentatively Business Education will be shared with New Hampton. 
  • Elementary staff will be reduced. The goal is to keep lower elementary class sizes smaller but upper elementary class sizes will increase. It may be August, after registration, before exact elementary class sizes are set. 
  • Talks continue on collaborating Transportation and Business Office staff with New Hampton, South Winneshiek and Turkey Valley. 
  • The Activities Director position is being developed for the 2015-16 school year. Historically this position's responsibilities have been connect to other duties. Previously it was connected with a classroom assignment. The past year at Howard-Winn the AD position/responsibilities were connected with the Dean of Students position. Historically New Hampton also has connected the AD responsibilities with other duties as well. New Hampton and Howard-Winn are exploring sharing the AD position for the upcoming school year. More information and updates will follow.      
Howard-Winn Lime Springs Campus Update  
This Fall all elementary grades will be in Cresco. Discussions with Lime Springs City officials on the direction forward for the Lime Springs campus are ongoing. The plan today is that there will be a Howard-Winn Pre-school class in Lime Springs for the 2015-16 school year. Space for this class will be utilized in the Springs Ahead Learning center. More information and updates will follow.  

Howard-Winn Elma Campus Update
The Elma City Council has decided to accept the gift of the Howard-Winn Elma campus as is. Public hearing, legal protocols, and timelines for the transfer of the property come next. More information and updates will follow.  
Sharing the Howard-Winn Story
Over the next couple of weeks, two different video production crews will be on campus. Both are here to capture the GREAT things happening at Howard-Winn. The US Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, Future Ready initiative film crew will be on site Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1. The Howard-Winneshiek Community Foundation will be shooting a promotional video at the school Monday, May 11.  CADETS Forward!   

Howard-Winn models using technology for State Legislators
April 9, 2015 Howard-Winn teachers and students showed state legislators what it is like to use technology to create and learn. To see more check out:

  • ROCK ON CADET Golf and Track Teams!
  • Band Students: Safe Travels and have a GREAT adventure in Kansas City!
The 5th-6th grade concert was FANTASTIC! Wonderful voices, talented students!  
Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked 
like this.....................


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