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Grimm 5/15/2015

PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching & Learning
Sara Grimm
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May is School Board Recognition month
THANK YOU to our 
Howard-Winneshiek School Board members for the work that they do.

In Elma at the preschool this week some preschool students made butterflies out of coffee filters. They colored the filters with markers and then dropped water on them to make the colors bleed together and give their butterflies a tie-dyed effect. The students also made a class book page about what they would grow in their gardens. They came up with some pretty good ideas. Students were also able to explore with some different robots. One of them is called a Bee-Bot. This robot has arrows on it and when you press an arrow the Bee-Bot moves in that direction. There is a grid to move the Bee-Bot on and cards with the different directions. The students were able to come up with how they wanted the Bee-Bot to move and then see where it would end on the grid. The other robot the students were able to explore what is called Dash. They controlled this robot by using apps on an iPad. The students were able to make the robot move in all different directions and move it around the classroom. This robot also has a xylophone that connects to it. The students used an app and marked the bars of the xylophone they wanted the robot to play, and then the robot moved and played the bars in the order the students marked them. The students went out to see if they could find any bugs or insects in the trees or bushes. They put a white sheet under the trees and bushes and shook the branches to see if there were any insects in them. 
In Cresco the students explored seeds, planting, and growing. We discovered some exciting news, Pumpkin Jack is back! The preschoolers brought their Halloween pumpkin outside last fall, but continued to visit him throughout the school year. They found one of Pumpkin Jack’s seeds and decided to plant it in their classroom. The pumpkin seed sprouted last week.

While playing at recess this week the preschoolers discovered a dandelion flower that had dried up to seeds. The preschoolers came up with an excellent idea…try and plant the dandelion seeds! After discussing the necessary materials needed to plant, the preschoolers planted 4 dandelion seeds with soil, water, and sun. They are anxiously awaiting the growth of their beautiful flower!!

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Thank you to all the families that were able to attend the STEM Family Fun Night! We had a great time sharing the STEM experiments and activities with our preschool families. 

As part of the HW Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten Program Wide Early Childhood Positive Behavior Instructional Support program (PW EC PBIS) implementation, the HW Preschool Program paraprofessionals and Transitional Kindergarten paraprofessional completed 9 hours of professional development on the bottom two levels of the PBIS pyramid "High Quality Supportive Environments" and "Nurturing and Responsive Relationships". This training was provided in an online format where they watched videos, listened to powerpoint presentations by PW EC PBIS trainers from Iowa State University, completed quizzes over the content, set goals, completed peer observations, and gave each other feedback about their goal progress. The HW Preschool Program teachers and the TK teacher acted as mentors during the process. Next year training will continue on the middle level of the pyramid.

Transitional Kindergarten
Students celebrated their STEM learning on Thursday, May 7th with a family night event. As families rotated through the classrooms they saw demonstrations and had the chance to interact as a family with materials students had used during the school year. They were excited to have Shane Straka join the event. Shane is a Ready for School Specialist for Iowa Public Television. He provided resources for families. The Early Childhood team has enjoyed providing STEM lessons this year and we look forward to adding more next year as participants of Pint Size Science Year 2.
Cadet Time groups enjoyed a “Read and Feed” Day recently. The students brought in books from their classroom to share with their friends.

In their literacy unit “Actions and Words” the students created posters showing how they use their actions and words to help others and their community.


HW Senior Abby Huhe has worked throughout the school year with Mrs. Franzen’s class on various activities. To show their appreciation, the students gave her a congratulations/thank you card wishing her well next year.

First Grade
Just because the school year is winding down doesn’t mean the learning stops . . .

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