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Grimm 5/8/2015

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Teacher and Staff Appreciation week was celebrated this week at Howard-Winn.  Our staff members play a key role in student success and we took some time out to say THANK YOU to them for all they do.  Without their hard work, sacrifices, and support our students wouldn’t be where they are today.  THANK YOU to the Howard-Winn staff for all you do for kids!
During the month of MAY we also celebrate School Board Recognition month.  This is a great time to focus on the crucial role that our elected school board members play in the success of our school.  We appreciate their hard work and dedication.  They are extraordinary people who have an enormous job providing leadership and guidance for our school district.  They dedicate countless hours of hard work to improve the educational experience of the students at Howard-Winn.  Thank you to all our school board members.  The students have been busy creating their own messages of thanks.  They are preparing poster, cards, and notes of thanks.  Some classes also prepared these short videos.

Summer Reading
Summer is a great time to keep practicing reading for students.  Adding a little variety is often the key to continued interest, so how about shaking up their routine a little bit by having them listen to books online.  Keystone AEA has a nice collection of children’s literature that your child can access over the summer.  

Go to this website:
Login information: 
Username:  kaea137     
Password:  kaea01

There is a wide variety of children’s literature including: A Pirates Guide to First Grade, Abraham Lincoln Comes Home, Behold the Beautiful Dung Beetle, Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci, Bridget's Beret, Building, Our House, Bullies Never Win, Doug Unplugged, Dragons Love Tacos, Each Kindness, Emma's Poem: The Voice of the Statue of Liberty, Eric Carle Picture Writer: The Art of the Picture Book, Secret Pizza Party, Someday, Weezer Changes the World, Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?, Woolbur and many more.

Students have been busy learning about different types of weather from their STEM kit. They came up with a list of things that they already know about weather and questions they had about different kinds of weather. Stormy, cloudy, lightning, thundering, drizzle, and blizzard are just a few of the weather words that they came up with. The dramatic play center has been transformed into a weather station where students can dress up as a meteorologist and talk into a microphone, while another student can “video tape” the student while he/she forecasts the weather for Iowa with foam pieces. Little Cloud by Eric Carle, has been one of the weather books that they’ve read. Students were then able to think about a type of cloud that they wanted to draw on the SMART Board to create a cloud book.
             Channel 4-5 Weather                                               Making a cloud book on the SMART Board

Recycled plastic water bottles that have been transformed into “faces” are housing seeds that they’re patiently waiting to sprout out. Students had the choice of planting sunflower, pumpkin, pea, marigold, or cucumber seeds. Also, their recycled milk cartons are sprouting cool hairdos as they wait and watch them grow on the warm windowsill.

After planting grass seed, the preschoolers had several questions about what makes a seed. To help solve this question, they planted a seed, popcorn, penny, and noodle in soil. They placed their planted items in the window so they could receive sunlight. They are anxiously waiting to see which items will grow. They are all hoping the penny grows into a money tree!
Seed Sorting
 Final Recycling Project…recycling crayons!

Transitional Kindergarten
The calendar has turned to May! This means just a few short weeks of school left and a lot to accomplish. Students started taking the spring assessments. They have completed some of them and hope to finish the rest next week.

This was the final week of their insect unit. Students shared their learning by making an insect representation using a variety of art materials. They created their plans with chalk on the sidewalk.

They tried a rocket investigation they had first attempted during the winter. When it didn’t work they had predicted that they needed warmer weather to do the investigation. Recently they did get the rocket to move. Their predictions were correct!

End of the Year
As the end of the year approaches we will have several activities. Please be sure to watch for notes and the newsletter to keep you informed. Over the next three weeks we will have family night, meet with our 5th grade buddies for a final visit, and have an end of the year field trip for all Howard-Winneshiek Preschool and Transition Kindergarten students.

Kindergarten teachers were excited to meet with next year's kindergarten students and their parents Tuesday night. After enjoying some cookies and punch, students were able to play in the classrooms with Crestwood associates and high school volunteers. Meanwhile, parents learned about Cadet Pride expectations from our guidance counselor. Kindergarten teachers then spoke about the kindergarten curriculum, our use of technology, and some tips for keeping skills sharp over the summer. Of course, there were forms to fill out and a happy reunion with the kids when the meeting was done. If you happened to miss the meeting and need paperwork, or if you need to register your child for kindergarten, please contact Linda Middlebrook at 563-547-2340

First Grade
After reading Sheep on a Ship the students started writing "Sheep on a Trip" stories.  They each chose a place to take sheep.  Some sheep went to the moon, some planted corn and worked on a farm, others went to the movies.  All of the students have started their "sloppy" copies.  At the end of the week we will be ready to edit and publish our final copy.

Students also prepared to celebrate their wonderful mothers by making a Mother's Day craft for them.

Students are working on their unit in science called Using an Aquarium. Here are a few students making food chains with pictures of plants, insects, fish, bigger fish and bears to show the food chain order.

Students brought their favorite book from home or from the classroom to share with their class. They shared their favorite part in the book, showed a favorite picture and even read a page.

Buddy Reading—As part of their ABC countdown.  Students did Animal Crackers and Buddy Reading.  They spent some time reading with a buddy and were able to enjoy the sunshine.

Students are working hard as we wrap-up the year.  Here 1D students recently tested unit 8 in math and are moving on to unit 9. It is amazing their ability to knuckle down and focus when need be! They are truly showing that they are ready for second grade.

It’s the final science unit of the year. First graders are learning all about fish and their life in an aquarium! One of their assignments was to create (by drawing) their own aquarium. They then discussed if their aquariums provided all of the basic needs fish need to survive! They did GREAT!


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