Friday, May 29, 2015

Hilsabeck 5/29/15

Activities Director/Dean of Students
Brian Hilsabeck
Twitter: @BrianHilsabeck

Week Ahead: 
Monday June 1- Costa Rica Meeting @ HS 6:00

Tuesday June 2- BB VDH vs. CC HERE 5:30
                            SB VDH @ Decorah 6:00

Wednesday June 3- BB/SB 8/9 @ TV 10:00

Thursday June 4- SB VDH @ New Hampton 6:00
Friday June 5- BB- VDH @ Decoarh 5:30
                        BB/SB 8/9 @ CC 10:00

Saturday June 6- BB- Varsity Tournament HERE 10:00
                             SB- Varsity Tournament HERE 9:00

Reminder- Keep updated with the schedule changes at the Northeast Iowa Conference website:

REMINDER- Throughout our summer sports it is imperative that our players, coaches, and fans are remembering that sportsmanship is ALWAYS the #1 priority while attending all Junior High and High School events.  It is a privilege, not your right, to attend events.  Thank you all for your positive acts and kindness at our events.

 No matter what: You control YOU everyday!

 Parents and Coaches working TOGETHER will only benefit our future.

 21st Century Skills are the needed skills for students.

 Being the Best isn't a given.  
Being the Best is earned.

 Baseball off to a running start.  Best of luck this summer!

Softball hitting it off well in the early stages of the season.  Best of luck Softball!

Thank you all for your positive support!

Have a great summer!

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