Friday, May 15, 2015

Terese Jurgensen, May 14th - 2015


 Exciting End of the Year            Events @ Crestwood!

It does not seem possible that this is the final full week of the 2014 - 2015 school year! It has been an exciting year for me, and it is has been a joy and a privilege being the elementary principal for grades 2-6th. Last Friday, we had an amazing day with the Howard County Regional Hospital and Police Department partnering together to bring us a Bike Rodeo! It was so much fun and informational as well! A big THANK YOU to Deana Hageman from the hospital and Shannon Cox from the Cresco Police Department for putting this event together. 

There were two stations set up. The first section was for bike safety which included a bike obstacle course and rules of the road. I think it was a surprise to many students that tickets can be issued to bicycle riders who do not obey traffic laws! The second station included THOR, the Howard County Police Safety Dog. This was a super exciting demonstration on how a safety dog can make a huge impact in protecting our citizens! I have included a fun video of when I wore the "bite jacket" and let Thor "attack me." Not really - the officer in charge of Thor went very easy on me! What really surprised me was how intense Thor looked when he went after the jacket. He was all work and no play - for sure. The officer shared with the 3rd and 5th grade classes who attended the rodeo, that Thor is responsible for over 100 drug busts in Howard County over the past 2 years and that he has helped find people who are lost and protects officers and citizens as a part of his job.  

Last, but certainly not least - a big THANK YOU to the Cresco Bike Shop for providing every student a FREE bike "check up" when a parent comes into the bike shop with their child. Also a huge THANK YOU to Deana Hageman for bringing free bike helmets to many of our students.

Officer Cox shows the students the Official Patrol Bike used by
Cresco Police Department
Thor - Our own Safety Dog of Cresco - Here the officer is explaining Thor's job
to Julie Wilson, Becky Halverson and a group of 5th grade students.

     5th Grade Student Reactions to the Bike Rodeo!

Iowa Assessment Celebration
Friday, May 15th from 11:30 - 3:00
Parents are Welcome to See & Hear about student
Strategies - Execution & Celebrate Their Success!

Students & Staff will Celebrate Meeting our District Iowa Assessment Goal
We did it! Our goal was 62%
Our students hit 74.5%!!!!

Please look forward to next week's update featuring all of the exciting experiences shared during this event!


Crestwood Elementary Visits the Public Library!

A BIG Thank You to Mrs. Shekleton & all of the Teachers & Associates that made this event possible!

Mrs. Watt and Smiling Faces!


Crestwood Elementary Braves Cold Weather!

Hosts Exciting Track Event for 4th - 5th & 6th Graders!

Thank you, Mr. Obermann for putting this event together!


The Last Day of School is next Thursday, May 21st.  It will be an early release day for all students. I will end this week's blog with one of my favorite quotes - Have a great week! 

Have a great week!  Please do not hesitate to call or email me at; (563) 929-6344!

Terese Jurgensen

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