Friday, May 8, 2015

Terese Jurgensen, May 7th, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
If You Can Read This - Thank a Teacher!

I have always enjoyed this saying on a bumper sticker, a note or on a poster! Excellent teaching is more than a position of employment, it is a gift. A gift that we celebrate this week from May 4th - May 8th, but truly need to celebrate each day! I have said it countless times to individuals and commented the fact on this blog, "We have amazing teachers at Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools!" This week, and always, thank you for all that you do for kids!

Fourth Grade Students Give Shout Out for Teachers!


Students of Excellence - Our 4th Graders!

Students in Mrs. Jackson's class working together in their Book Clubs!


Students working on their Daily 4 hands-on Math Skills - Collaboration!

Daily Literacy - 90 Minute Block - Students invest their time & energy to increase their fluency, comprehension and love of reading!

Math Skills Collaborative Game - I asked the group several math multiplication questions and they knew every one of them!
Math Aps on the Computer!

U.S. Department of Education Visits!
Our Second Graders and Sixth Graders utilized wonderful technology presentations for the U.S. Department of Education's visit to Howard-Winneshiek last week. I was super impressed with the student's demeanor, technology used and creative avenues to empower learning! Nice Work - Teachers and Students!  

Students created a summer reading list by using the Aurasma app to listen to one another's book trailers. They circulated around the room and in the hallway to scan the book titles and listen to the Tellagamis inserted in the Aurasma app. They  then determined what titles they will add to their summer reading list and take that list home with them.

Mrs. Fretheim's class had a Sphero's project that had the students coding to locate underwater sea life that they had created the day before. The sea life was covered up by sticky notes and the students had to code the Sphero's to find the sea life. It was really cool and kind of reminded me of a robotics Battle Ship Game!

2nd Grade - Focus on Math
Mrs. Ihde working 1:1 with a student.
Mrs. Buehler working in small groups.

Math Apps make learning fun!

Math and Q-R Codes!
Mrs. Buehler and Mrs. Ihde were so proud of their students! They were so pleased on how well behaved they were, how hard they worked to get their rooms neat and tidy, and their super behavior and focus on their math skills last Friday! It has been a great year!

Iowa Assessment Celebration!

Parents & Caregivers are invited to attend - 
Adult cost for lunch is $3.30

Please send money and invitation to school by 
Monday, May 11th at the very latest - we need to get the lunch count in! We would love to have you there!
Thank you! 

Date:   Friday, May15th Time: 12:30 - Assembly in J.H. Gymnasium

Lunch - Grilled Hot Dogs, Chips, Fruit & Dessert - picnic tables outside.

12:30 - Celebration Assembly - Junior High Gym
1:00 - Magician - Craig Bytein!
2:00 - Karaoke Joe & Games set up outside!
3:00 - Ice Cream Sandwiches!
3:15 - Return to classrooms & dismissal 

Awesome students engaged in instruction....Nice Work Everyone!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Jurgensen

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