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JCC August 14, 2015

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver  
Office: 563-547-2762
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2015-16: Ready to GO!
In just a few days we start the 2015-16 school year! Beginning where we left off, we continue the quest of transforming teaching and learning, committed to creating structure that empowers and prepares our kids to compete and contribute locally, nationally and globally. Good things are happening at Howard-Winn! 

Howard-Winn: Continuously Improving 

The Howard-Winneshiek Community School District is committed to the Vision: to discover, develop and expand passions, creativity and strengths and Mission: to prepare and empower our students to think creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally. Making this a reality requires having the courage to think differently and take action. Realizing and acknowledging the challenges of declining enrollment and state funding, thinking "outside of the box", networking and leveraging resources will move us to the goal of being a 21st century school system by the fall of 2020. 

What will this look like?
Howard-Winn very much values our partnership with Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) and is excited to grow the relationship. It was reported to the Board of Education in June that CADETS taking classes at NICC saved parents between $9,000 to $10,000 in tuition, with many students having enough credits for one year of college completed. This fall #2020HowardWinn and NICC will grow Project Lead The Way (PLTW) programs and course offerings. NICC will also be working with Howard-Winn this year to increase support for students seeking to find their passion and profession. "One on one" career counseling, "Work Place Readiness" certificates and career pathways will give CADETS a great "starting point" for their future. 

In addition focus this year will be on students who are not being successful in school. The question we will seek to answer is, are students not being successful because of lack of "will" (motivation) or lack of "skill" (ability). These conversations and actions that follow are important to fulfilling the mission to "empower our students to think creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally".  

Along with NICC, we will seek to partner and create new opportunities with our neighbors. This fall we will share Business and Family/Consumer Sciences classes with New Hampton.
Howard-Winn Business manager Clint Farlinger will teach Intro to Business (Banking) classes at Howard-Winn through NICC. Additionally Howard-Winn and New Hampton will collaborate the business offices and look at cost saving measures. On September 21st PreK-12 teachers from South Winn, New Hampton and Turkey Valley will meet at Howard-Winn to network and seek ways to share thinking. The only way forward is to go together.

This fall K-6 students will all be attending the Crestwood Campus in Cresco. Pre-school classes will be held in Lime Springs and at Kessel Kids in Cresco. Having all elementary students on one campus will better utilize resources, enhancing learning for all! Beginning in Kindergarten all kids will be together and ALL kids will be CADETS! Elementary staff have positive momentum with notification from the State Department of Education, that the District is no longer on NCLB District in Need of Assistance status. The leadership and commitment to students by Howard-Winn educators is inspiring. Together, they are making a difference. 

Along with my duties as Superintendent, I am EXCITED for the upcoming year to work with Coaches and Sponsors. Together the goal will be to provide opportunities for kids to be involved and connect, strengthen CADET NATION. 

2015 will be a FANTASTIC year! 
Wednesday, August 19 6:30 "Meet the Band"
Thursday, August 20 BACK to SCHOOL night!
Friday, August 21 6:00 @ Stadium "Meet the Fall TEAMs"
Sunday, August 23 4:00 Athletic Booster "Door to Door" Campaign
FIRST DAY OF CLASSES Monday, August 24!

Every department and division has been working non-stop to clean, repair and ready learning spaces for the fall. Training, painting, removing walls, moving classroom supplies from Elma and Lime Springs to the Crestwood Campus, mowing, LOTS has been going on! 

  • Work is nearing completion of the K-8 Gym floor! The week of August 17 the floor will be painted and stripped. New bleachers will be installed in early September. This is a positive step forward.
  • As part of our Food and Fitness program, produce has been grown at the School garden to be used in the feeding programs
  • Teachers have attended NUMEROUS training, workshops and classes to sharpen their skills so as to better serve your children.
  • Bus drivers have attended training and bus routes are being created.
  • Transitioning to PowerSchool and "ONLINE" registration is a positive step! PowerSchool will give parents and teachers better access to information, moving the District forward towards the 21st Learning Design Essential of getting "real time" information so as to make "real time" instructional decisions. Very COOL! 
  • Board of Education summer work sessions have focused on Educational Vision and physical plants to support learning: Competency Based Education (CBE), creating systems that determine student's passion and skills and structures that support EVERY child in reaching their potential is the direction forward!
We are EXCITED for the students to return!  #CADETNATION is on the move! 

School Board Elections: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
District 2: Scott Fortune and Casey Vobr
District 3: Jim Kitchen and Toni Johnson
At-large: Doug Berg and Todd Hill
More details to follow! 

Shout Outs and Celebrations!
  • The 2015-16 Cheer Squad is hard at work preparing for FOOTBALL season
  • CADET Football and Volleyball TEAMS have begun practice and are EXCITED for their season to begin!
  • CADET Cross Country TEAM members are putting in the miles!
  • The CADET Drum Line and the Marching Band have been "Rocking and Rolling" readying for fall competition.  
  • Howard‐Winn Elementary Instrumental Music #BandTogether Campaign UPDATE 21 instruments have been donated: five saxophones, three of which are ready for student hands this school year. In addition to instruments $140 was received along with several accessories including books, music stands, percussion sticks, mallets, and a mouthpiece. All of these donations came from 19  generous donors both locally and from as far away as Wisconsin. Way to go Ms. Ringoen! Your LEADERSHIP is valued!

Its GREAT to be a CADET 
Very PROUD of the CADET softball TEAM! 

Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest Meals from the Heartland Food Packaging
  • Registration is underway for the Norman Borlaug Meals from the Heartland Food Packaging event on Sunday, September 20, 2015 at Crestwood High School. 
  • Your help is needed in filling the volunteer time slots to accomplish the goal of packaging 200,000 meals. 
  • Please note there are other positions needed: registration, re-stockers and hand sanitizers. 
  1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
  2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot / VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone.) 
  3. Sign up! Choose your spots - VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!
It is indeed a joy and a pleasure to work with a great Leadership TEAM, professional educators, committed support staff and caring adults all focused on doing GREAT and WONDERFUL things for kids! 
Welcome Back to ALL!

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