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JCC September 4, 2015

District Perspective
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It's GREAT to see kids collaborating and engaged. There really is no "age limit" to learning. 4th graders learning about electricity is VERY COOL! It seems the only limitation for kids to learn are the limitations we put on them. At Crestwood Elementary, the Sky is the limit. CADETS FORWARD!

Crestwood Elementary Parents UNITE! 
If you are a parent or teacher at Crestwood Elementary School and would like to be part of a NEW Parent Teacher Group, there will be a planning session Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the Discovery Center. If you would like to participate, but are unable to attend the 9th, contact Kelly at (563) 387-7358 or  

#2020HowardWinn: New Beginning
We now have completed two weeks of classes and we're starting into the third. Halls and classrooms are alive with energy and activity. Good things are happening at CADET NATION! 
The School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) met Tuesday, September 1st to review 2014-15 academic achievement and set annual school improvement goals for 2015-16. In 2014-15 Howard-Winn showed outstanding growth, with the exception of Junior High Math, moving to either "Watch" or "MET"  No Child Left Behind status. Academic Achievement Goals for 2015-16 where proposed with specific focus on areas of growth in targeted cohorts (grade levels). 

The SIAC unanimously approved the following as the Goals for the 2015-16 school year. The Long Range GOALS will focus on an increase in Reading (5th grade), math problem solving and Scientific Inquiry Method and application (7th grade). 

These recommendations next will move to the Board of Education for their approval at the September meeting. During teacher collaborative time, achievement data will be reviewed, instructional strategies designed and plans developed for implementation and evaluation. It is inspiring to see the dedication and commitment by teachers for your children to succeed.  

Family and Consumer Science and Business Classes:
Crestwood Secondary School
  • The District's commitment that by 2020, Cadets will be the best prepared, most recruited young people on the planet. 
  • That being said, faced with declining enrollment and funding challenges, to meet the 2020 goal we must be creative, "think outside the box" and create an educational system that does not limit a student's learning do to their student's Zip Code. The other piece is that we must develop relationships with others to go forward. Our growing relationship with New Hampton and NICC is important.
  • This fall Family/Consumer Science and Business classes are being taught online in collaboration with instructors from NICC and or New Hampton. NICC, NH and HW are working through this collaborative first offering. It is a learning curve for all, students, teachers, and administration but an important journey.
  • The relationships for learning is be redefined. Protocols are being worked out between students, instructors, and support at Howard-Winn. Mrs. Lentz's energy in bringing these pieces together is valued. Learning in the future will look different, but still at the core will be collaborating, creating, and imagination.
  • Crestwood Junior Jacob Anding shared recently: "I like numbers and Math and the Accounting class is fun. I have already completed the first two chapters and wish the instructor would open up the next chapters. I think I could complete the course in a week. Then I could take another class."  

School Board Elections: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
District 2: Scott Fortune and Casey Vobr
District 3: Jim Kitchen and Toni Johnson
At-large: Doug Berg and Todd Hill
For more information on candidates check out:

  • Because of heat, Cross Country competition last week was cancelled and outdoor Football practices were modified. We want kids to be safe and APPRECIATE everyone's collaboration and flexibility! 
  • NICE WORK Cadet Volleyball with conference win over Waukon this past week and Good Luck with upcoming competitions with New Hampton and the Crestwood "Kepros Tournament" Saturday, September 12th. GO, SPIKE, WIN!   
  • EXCITED to see the CADET Marching Band's progress on their halftime show next week during the Crestwood-Charles City Football game.
  • A BIG SHOUT OUT to all who participated in the All Sports Booster Club Membership Drive! Athletes and Coaches truly value the support of the All Sports Booster Club. Together good things happen at CADET NATION.
  • CADET FOOTBALL Great effort against New Hampton, Good Luck against Hampton-Dumont and go get Charles City! 
  • Run Hard, Run FAST Cadet Cross Country at Waverly and Luther College!  

FFA: One of the BEST School to Work, STEM programs in the United States

It is ALMOST here! Norman Borlaug Meals from the Heartland Food Packaging event on Sunday, September 20, 2015 at Crestwood High School. 

Your help is needed in filling the volunteer time slots to accomplish the goal of packaging 200,000 meals. Please note there are other positions needed: registration, re-stockers and
hand sanitizers. 
Do not hesitate to contact Pam Carver with questions
cell 515-201-8219.

Learning last week at CADET NATION look like...............

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