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September 25, 2015 JCC

District Perspective
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Thursday, the Northeast Iowa Regional STEM Board met at Howard-Winn. Mrs. Grimm, Crestwood Elementary principal toured the group and showed them how we are using STEM funding provided by the Board. This is a picture of pre-school student using his iPad to read a QR code to show a movie he and his classmates had made on insects. Unbelievable! Can you imagine the skill sets and thinking this child will have by the time he is a senior in high school? The future is bright!

Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest 2015
So many GREAT and WONDERFUL things happened last weekend!!!!
Friday, area 5th graders were at the Borlaug Farm for INSPIRE DAY! Seeing and experiencing first hand, the Farm served as a wonderful "REAL WORLD" classroom. Along with fantastic presentations, students packaged 6,912 meals to feed the hungry! Saturday's CROP WALK/RUN was well attended, with a near record number of participants.  
The Saturday parade was outstanding and the CADET MARCHING BAND was a show stopper. Sunday over 500 volunteers from throughout the region packaged 50,112 Mac/Cheese meals and 68,472 rice/soy meals. This, plus Inspire Day, a total of 125,496 meals where produced with ALL of the Mac/cheese meals staying in Northeast Iowa!
Coming together, we made a difference! 

September 21 PD: Connect, Collaborate and Create
Last Monday, Educators from Turkey Valley, South Winneshiek, New Hampton, and Howard-Winneshiek came together for the day at Crestwood High School. In that there were many "take aways", staff as a whole were appreciative of the opportunity to connect, share and learn. After a short introduction, teachers moved into grade level, department collaborative/sharing meetings. POWERFUL.

The expectation going forward is that the end of the third quarter, teachers from the various districts will have spent a half day in each other's classrooms.   

Another emerging theme was the realization that everyone is dealing with the same challenges and that we do not need to face them alone. Together there is unlimited potential.

32 vehicles inspected: 3 minor corrections
Brian Swestka and the Transportation TEAM went through bus inspections Thursday. With 32 buses and vehicles inspected, 3 minor corrections were indicated. This is VERY GOOD! Each day Howard-Winn vehicles cover 1,800 miles transporting students. This is no small task and "hats off" to the bus drivers, mechanics, secretaries, and all who support keeping our kids safe to and from school. 

Official Head Count: October 1, 2015 
The Official Head count for enrollment purposes will take place Thursday, October 1, 2015. This is the number on which our state funding is based on. In that there have been several new students enrolled, in addition to some Open Enrollments in, we are still projecting an enrollment decline. More information will follow next week. 

Lunch Accounts
Reaching the mid-term of the first quarter, a concern has emerged regarding lunch accounts. There are some program issues being worked out regarding notification and for that we do apologize. The concern remains that there is a sizable amount ($5,000) in lunch charges that must be addressed. Thank you for your cooperation and attention as we go forward.  

  • Junior High Football is Rocking and Rollin!  Great work TEAM.
  • Congratulations CADET Volleyball with their win over Decorah. 
  • CADET Marching Band begins the road to State competition this weekend with a trip to Forest City.   
  • CADET Football is now 2 and 2! Bring on West Delaware!
  • FFA members have been having a very busy fall! Competitions, classes, and Service project like helping with the Meal Packaging event, these young people are movers and doers!  #FFAPROUD
  • THANK YOU for everyone's effort with the Meal Packaging event! Students, teachers, everyone THANK YOU!
Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like..........

Growing Howard-Winneshiek
This information was shared with me this week. Note that the unemployment rate in Howard County is 2.8% which means that 97.2% of folks are employed. It was further shared that with such low unemployment, finding folks to work jobs becomes a challenge and that reaching 100% employed is next to impossible. What happens is that not all persons have the skill sets to be employed or they have moved away to seek employment.

Either way, the challenge is that with few applicants in the "job pool" it becomes a matter of pay and benefits. The bottom line is to seek to bring in new families/employees to fill existing jobs.  

Tackling this requires coordinated efforts and contributions from all, Community leaders, elected officials, business, industry and schools. For Howard-Winn this means providing a world class education experience and sharing students accomplishments with the world. Having Howard-Winn and Crestwood CADETS as a "household name" is a big plus in recruiting families to the region.  

This is an exciting time to be at Howard-Winn and together lets seek the possibilities.  

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