Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015

Thank you everyone, for volunteering and
reaching out to the world!
Great News!
It was difficult for me to decide which photos and stories to highlight this week! A great place to start is with our pictures from the Meals from the Heartland event. To the left here are a group of students and family members who were one group of over 100 volunteers who poured into HWCSD gymnasium on Sunday, November 20th to help package over 125,000 meals. Thousands of meals stayed right here in Northeast Iowa and the remainder were shipped overseas. 

Student Volunteer Workers

One of my favorite things about this day was watching students making a difference in the lives of others ~ One of our missions at HWCSD is to create opportunities 
for students to Volunteer and Service to others
Serving others is so much fun! Look at the smiles and the hairnets!

Students cook Omelettes & serve patrons!

High School Choir Serves Omelette Breakfast

While the meals for the heartland were being packaged, the high school choir raised money for their senior trip by serving hundreds of omelettes to people from all over Northeast Iowa. My daughter is in choir, and I had a great time on Saturday helping to crack eggs and chop vegetables to prepare for the feast. The students cooked the omelettes and helped serve the guests, and it was delicious! I have a great video to share from some folks who have been coming to the breakfast for several years. 




Long Time Fans of the High School Choir Omelette Breakfast

Collaboration Celebration!

Turkey Valley~New Hampton~South Winneshiek Howard Winneshiek School Districts 

Collaborate for Professional Development

Over the past year, there has been a lot of work, conversation and planning to create a partnership with three of our neighboring school districts to collaborate and support our districts in the face of overwhelming change in our global environment. Mr. Carver always says, "The calvary is not coming to save us." With the reality of declining enrollment and state dollars shrinking, HWCSD is collaborating with the school districts listed above. Monday, September 21st was the first time for all of the school districts coming together to share in a professional development day. It was a phenomenal experience, for most, as we broke into common teams of elementary and high school grades and core areas. The teams shared about a wide variety of subject areas anywhere from technology use to sharing their ideas on classroom management. Another exciting piece is that all of the teachers, from all four districts, will have an opportunity to visit all of the schools and continue the work with the teachers they met on Monday. It was an exciting day!

~ Inspiring Stories ~

One of the best parts of my week occurred last Friday. Mrs. Watt, one of our elementary teachers, emailed me and requested a need for a small wooden box for a step stool to be made. Believe it or not, if we purchased one from a website that built these for Occupational Therapy needs, it would cost us several hundred dollars.

I received the email on Thursday evening and sent it out to Chris Lentz, one of our high school teachers. I saw Mr. Lentz at a 7:00 a.m. meeting at NICC. When I returned to my office, around 9:00 a.m., the wooden box (beautifully built and sanded) was sitting on my desk! 

I don't know when he built it, but I can tell you that when the student came over with Mrs. Watt to say, "Thank You," he was all smiles! 

Thank you, Mr. Lentz, for going above and beyond for kids!
A second story that really blessed and inspired me this week came from one of our parents. She sent me an email thanking our staff for working hard and for reaching out to her daughter. One of our common goals throughout the district is to partner with our parents and make sure that they understand how important they are to us as we educate our students. 

I know it did not take her a lot of time, but it made a world of difference in my day and in the days of the teachers she reached out to. She has a great daughter, who is a wonderful asset to Howard-Winn!

"Awesome!!! My girl is working harder than I have ever seen her work before Thank you for giving her the support she needed!!!  She has been coming home every night and doing homework instead of telling me she doesn’t have any.  She is really giving her best effort and its because she has the support from five special people at school.  Mrs. Jurgensen, Mr. Sickles, Miss Martin, Mrs. Scheidel, and Mrs. Martinek.  She is not nearly as stressed this year as she has been in the past and actually wants to put in some effort.  Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!"

Working hard at Howard-Winn!

Have a great week! Please feel free to call me,
Terese Jurgensen at (563) 929-6344
or email me

My final inspirational story is about our attendance! At the elementary level, we have had a 97% attendance rate for the beginning weeks of school. This includes student absences for being excused for acceptable reasons such as illness or doctor appointments. Our attendance is excellent across the district, and in our high school, I wanted to highlight one of our students who has perfect attendance! He is an awesome student who has extraordinary gifts in technology and has a profitable YouTube business! 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare and empower our students to think creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally.   


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