Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2, 2015 - Crestwood Secondary

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12) 

Chris Rogne, Principal
office: 563-547-2764
Twitter: @chris_rogne

Events for the Week of October 3rd - October 9th
Homecoming Week

Saturday, October 3rd
9:00 Varsity Volleyball Tournament at Waverly
9:00   Homecoming Kick-off at the Cross Country Meet (drum-line, donuts, and juice)
9:30   CC @ Home - Cresco Country Club
9:30 - JH girls race
9:50 - JH boys race
10:15 - HS girls race
11:00 - HS boys race
Marching Band Competition in Cedar Rapids

Sunday, October 4th
12:00 - 4:00 School Hall Decorations
5:00 Coronation at the football field, weather permitting.
6:00 Powder Puff Football Game at the Football Field

Monday, October 5th:     
No School - Teacher Inservice

Tuesday, October 6th:     
Dress-up Day:  
Movie/TV show Character Day
4:15                 Home 7th grade VB vs. Decorah
4:15                 8th grade VB @ Decorah
4:15                 Home 8th grade FB vs. Waverly-Shellrock
4:15                 7th grade FB @ Waverly
5:00                 9th and 10th VB @ Oelwein
6:00                 JV VB @ Oelwein
7:15                 Varsity VB @ Oelwein

Wednesday, October 7th:     

Dress-up Day:  
Decade Day (Seniors 1970’s - Juniors 1980’s - Soph.1990’s - Freshman 1950's/1960's)
7:30 AM Secondary BLT meeting in the High School Media Center
6:00 District Advisory Meeting in the Elementary Discovery Center

Thursday, October 8th:

Dress-up Day:  
Class Neon Color Day (Seniors Pink - Juniors Green - Soph. Yellow - Freshmen Orange)     
4:00                  JV VB conference tournament @ Charles City
4:00                  9th VB conference tournament @ Waukon
4:30                  Girls and Boys Cross Country Meet @ New Hampton

Friday, October 9th:
Dress-up Day:
Cadet Pride - Blue and White Day
10:30 All School Pep Rally in the High School Gym
12:00 Senior Class Picture
12:15 Dismissal From School
2:00   Homecoming Parade
4:00 - 7:00 PLTW Lab Open House at NICC - Cresco Center
5:00                  Home Sub-Varsity FB vs. Decorah
7:30                  Home Varsity FB @ Decorah

Competency Based Education

For the past 3 years Howard-Winneshiek has been one of 10 schools in the state selected to be on the Competency Based Education Statewide Design Team. The Iowa CBE Collaborative Design Team has been engaged in collaborative inquiry to investigate, develop, and implement competency-based educational pathways for their students and create a framework to guide the statewide implementation of CBE.
Competency Based Education is different from traditional education in that it breaks from the credit hour, today’s prevailing measure of student progress. Instead of awarding credits based on how much time students spend learning, this model awards credits based on whether students can prove they have mastered competencies—the skills, abilities, and knowledge required in an area of study.
Principles of Competency Based Education
1. Students advance upon demonstrated proficiency.
2. Competencies are based on enduring understandings and require the transfer of knowledge, skills, and the Universal Constructs to complex situations in and/or across content areas and/or beyond the classroom.
3. Assessment is a meaningful and a positive learning experience for students.
4. Students receive rapid, personalized support based on their individual learning needs.
5. All learning is validated regardless of when, where, or how students acquired and/or demonstrated the learning.
To put it simply: In competency-based education, it’s not about time—it’s about what you know and are able to do. Competency-based programs have the potential to revolutionize education by personalizing student learning.


Homebase is an advisory time all 7-12 students have each day from 11:23 - 11:45. During this time teachers and students are engaged in a variety of activities that include physical activity, team building, small group discussion, and academic interventions. 

Here are some pictures of Mrs. Butler's homebase working on the Lego challenge. This was a great team building activity. One person on the team was the eyes and got to look at a LEGO creation. That person then gave directions to the rest of their team who attempted to replicate the creation.
We had some interesting discussions, and it was prefaced with the need to think about others' feelings before we speak. It went very well, as you can see from the pictures. 

In Mrs. Knobloch's homebase students did a life boat activity. On the boat were the US President, a pro football player, a NASCAR driver, a mother of five, a father of three, a 5-year-old child, an ex-convict with a nursing degree, and a paraplegic doctor.  

We had some interesting discussions, and it was prefaced with the need to think about others' feelings before we speak. It went very well, as you can see from the pictures. 

Meet Mr. Natvig

What grade levels and subjects do you teach?     
7th grade Health Education and Elementary Physical Education

How many years have you been an educator? How many years at Howard-Winn?

I began teaching in 1973 at Crestwood. This will be my my 44th year in education in some capacity. All but two of the years have been at Crestwood.

Where did you attend college? What licensure do you hold?
A.A. from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, B.A. from UNI in Cedar Falls.

Physical Education K-12
History 7-12
Jr. High Teaching -- any subject
Driver Education -- Classroom and Driving

Was there a particular event or person that inspired you to become an educator?
I always enjoyed school and sports. Mr. Squires -- my history teacher and a football, basketball, and baseball coach that I had in high school had an impact on my decision to become an educator.

What is your favorite thing about Howard-Winn? 

Working with students and athletes. I love being around kids. I enjoy education and teaching in the classroom, and I enjoy coaching various sports.

Any words of wisdom or advice?

Have patience
Teach the basics/coach the fundamentals
Greet students and interact with them
Be firm, be fair, be consistent
Give 100%
Learn from other teachers and from the students
Do the little things
Be there for anyone/help as much as you can

More about Mr. Natvig: 
I have two children:
Kendra lives in Northfield, Minn., and is an MRI technician
Jonathan teaches in Frankfurt, Germany
I enjoy sports, being with family, and reading 

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