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October 9th, 2015 - Homecoming Week!

Homecoming 2015
HWCSD Cross-Country Team!

We have had a super-fun week at Howard-Winn celebrating Homecoming 2015. Activities began on Saturday Morning with the HWCSD Cross-Country Team hosting their annual meet. It was a beautiful day and our young women and men did a fantastic job. Activities proceeded on to Sunday, October 4th with the crowning of the King & Queen, followed by Powder Puff Football. The entire week was very colorful and fun with the Elementary, Junior High & High School hosting a variety of dress-up days. The week's activities will conclude with a big football game against Decorah, which is always an exciting, spirited event. 
Go Cadets! 

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The video up above is the HWCSD band playing at the Pep Rally Friday, October 9th. The Pep Rally was super fun with great music, lots of dancing, funny games and team spirit!

To the left are several photos of the high school students as they dressed up for for homecoming week. It is hard for me to name my favorite, but the big blond wig has got to be one of the best!

Social Thinking Conference
Michelle Garcia Winner & Dr. Pamela Crooke

Michelle Garcia Winner (to the right of me) and Dr. Pamela Crooke
(to the right of Mary Watt) are pictured here with Howard-Winn Staff
On October 5th & 6th, the above special education staff and Denise Headington, Family Case Manager, attended the Social Thinking Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some of you may remember, that I attended a Social Thinking Conference this summer in San Francisco, and I was so thrilled to bring these outstanding women to learn about Social Thinking Conference which focused on Special Education Goals, Strategies. The conference also went into great detail on how Social Thinking is linked to the Common Core Curriculum. Here are some comments the staff above wrote to Mr. Carver, thanking him for allowing us to attend the conference

Alicia Martin
Mr. Carver,
I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for allowing our group of special education staff members to travel and attend the Social Thinking conference put on by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke. I know I speak for our group when I say that we are leaving Minneapolis with tools and lots of excitement to bring back to Howard-Winn. This was undoubtedly the best conference I have ever been to and I had such an amazing time learning alongside some of Howard-Winn's finest ladies.

Jessica Cummings
Mr. Carver, 
I would sincerely agree with Alicia. The Social Thinking conference was the most worth-while and engaging professional development opportunity that I have ever experienced. This conference has led me to a deeper understanding of social learning disabilities and has provided me with the knowledge and tools to help these students navigate through school, family life, out in the community, and post-secondary successfully. 

Mary Watt
 Mr. Carver,  
    From the Elementary standpoint,  I  would also like to extend my  deep appreciation for letting  the  group of special education  teachers  attend the Social Thinking Conference.  I found that it was very beneficial for  my younger students also.  I'm  excited to use all the great tools and resources in my Social Skills lessons.  Thanks Again!

What is Social Thinking?
Social Thinking is the ability to consider your own and others thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, knowledge, etc. to help interpret and respond to the information in your mind and possibly through your social behavioral interactions. 

Social Thinking or Social Learning Challenges affect so many of our students ~ not just those who are in special education. But students who have ADHD, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, Gifted~Twice Exceptional Students, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers, those who struggle with Executive Functioning Challenges and others. Just today, Alicia Martin, helped a student understand the social learning outline of communication. (Did you know there are 4 steps in the brain that help people just ask a question?) The student needed to know how to ask a certain girl on a date. He was terrified! After 5 minutes of Social Thinking Steps to Communication - the boy was thrilled! 

Let's take that issue a step forward into the "World of School" or into the "Workplace." Think of all of the students who do not know how to ask a question from a teacher, speak aloud in class, ask a question at work, or ask for help when they are in trouble. Navigating the Social World and understanding how to truly connect with people and form lasting relationships affects everyone! 

It has been exciting for me to have parents respond and reach out to me to learn more about Social Thinking through this weekly update. If you are a parent, grandparent or caregiver who would like to learn more about Social Thinking, please contact me through email or call me on my cell which are listed below. 

As a result of the number of parents reaching out, I am going to begin hosting Social Thinking & Executive Strategies Classes for the Community. If you are interested, please call or email me. I would love to hear from you!

Have a great week! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 
Terese Jurgensen 
(563) 929-6344

In closing, here was the best part of the Pep Rally today - 
our Honorary Homecoming Princess being welcomed to the rally by the 
Cadet Football Team!



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