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November 6, 2015 - Crestwood Secondary

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12) 

Chris Rogne, Principal
office: 563-547-2764
Twitter: @chris_rogne

Events for the Week of November 9th - November 13th

Monday, November 9th:     
6:00          Football Awards Night @ CHS
7:00          School Board Meeting in the High School Media Center
7:15          Band Booster Meeting                

Tuesday, November 10th:     

4:15          Home 7th grade girls basketball vs. Waverly - Shellrock
4:15          8th grade girls basketball @ Waverly - Shellrock 

Wednesday, November 11th:
7:30          Secondary BLT Meeting in the High School Media Center
8:30          Veteran's Day Assembly in the High School Gym
4:00          Attendance Policy Review Meeting

Thursday, November 12th:   

4:15          Home 7th grade girls basketball vs. Decorah
4:15          8th grade girls basketball @ Decorah       

Friday, November 13th:
4:15          Home 7th grade girls basketball vs. New Hampton
4:15          8th grade girls basketball @ New Hampton                  
7:30          Oklahoma - High School Musical in the CHS Auditorium  

Saturday, November 14th:

7:30          Oklahoma - High School Musical in the CHS Auditorium 

Veterans Day Program
Veteran's Day is largely intended to thank living veterans for dedicated and loyal service to their country.  Please make plans to join us to honor those who served in the American Military.  

November 11 of each year is the day that we ensure veterans know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made in the lives to keep our country free.  The program will be held in the High School Gym on Wednesday November 11th, at 8:30 A.M.  Coffee and refreshments will be available before the program. 

Student Led Conferences

During this past week parent/teacher conferences were held throughout the district. At the secondary level conferences were led by the student. One of the key benefits to the concept of student-led conferences is the extent to which we get students involved in, and hold them accountable for, their own learning. In today's educational world of high stakes testing and increased accountability, it is natural to invite students to become more aware of what it is we want them to learn and whether or not they are learning it. Like every other new idea in education, student-led conferencing carries with it both advantages and disadvantages for teachers, students, and parents.

One of the major benefits of student-led conferences is the extent to which students become accountable for their own education. The best way to learn something is by teaching it, by leading their parents in a conference about their academic progress, students are truly learning what their education is all about. We have found that student-led conferences lead to an increase in parent attendance at conference time because parents are more likely to attend when their child is a key participant. At the close of each student led-conference, students should share with their parents their goals for the next grading period and their plans for achieving these goals. 
Academic Eligibility

The 1st quarter recently ended and with that comes a checkpoint for determining academic eligibility for Crestwood students who participate in activities. Below is the school handbook policy for academic eligibility at the end of the 1st quarter.  

7th and 8th grade: 

Any "F" as a quarter grade makes you ineligible for extracurricular activities during the following quarter. 

Terms and Conditions
  1. The student will miss 20% of athletic/cheerleading events they are involved in (i.e.. 1 football game, 2 wrestling, basketball, volleyball, and track games/meets, etc.)
  2. The student must practice and attend all games during this period.
  3. If the student is still earning an "F" after this period they will remain ineligible until achieving a passing grade.
  4. All 7th graders will enter Jr. High as being eligible.
  5. All band/choir students will not be eligible for honor choir/band, state contests, workshops, and performances outside of school.
  6. All art club, student council, musical students will not be eligible for 20% of the events they are involved in.

9th-12th grade:

Crestwood High School Checkpoint provisions:

At the end of the first and third quarter, any student failing a class is ineligible for 10 school days. At the end of that period it is up to the student to go to that particular teacher(s) and obtain “proof” that he or she is again eligible. That eligibility is based on his or her current status in the second nine weeks. The following examples should clarify the process for teachers.
1. For teachers using separate grading for each quarter, it is simply the current grade in the new quarter. If no grades have been recorded at that point, it will be assumed that the student has regained eligibility.
2. For teachers using continuous grading, the students’ eligibility will be based on whatever grades have been recorded in the new quarter and not if the student has brought their first quarter grade up.
The goal is to see noticeable improvement from students wishing to regain eligibility. A student who has not shown a passing grade at the end of the 10-day period will continue to be ineligible for an additional 10 school days. It will be up to the discretion of the coach to allow or withhold the student from practice.

A student with a disability who has an individualized education program (IEP) shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by school officials, towards the goals and objectives on the student's individualized educational program.

6th-7th-8th Grade Dance

On Friday, October 30th 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students had a dance in the Junior High cafeteria. Many students dressed up for the occasion. Throughout the night a variety of dance contest and activities were organized for students to be part of. 

A huge thank you to Mr. Wiley for organizing the event. 179 students attended the dance.

The next 6th, 7th, and 8th grade dance is scheduled for Friday, December 18th.

Meet Mr. Slifka

What grade levels and subjects do you teach?     
I teach 9-12 Physical Education, Bigger Faster Stronger. I also teach kindergarten and 3rd grade Physical Education.

How many years have you been an educator? How many years at Howard-Winn?

This will be my 25th year teaching. This year will start my 19th year here at Howard-Winn.

Where did you attend college?
I graduated from Westmar College in Le Mars, Iowa, in 1991 with K-12 Physical Education and Health Endorsement and Coaching Endorsement.

Was there a particular event or person that inspired you to become an educator?
My Scout Master back home in Grundy Center. (Mr. Bob Schmadeke)

What is your favorite thing about Howard-Winn? 

The Staff and Students that our school is made up of.

Any words of wisdom or advice?
Get involved with as many things you can when you're young. Try new things!

More about Mr. Slifka: 

My wife - Edie, Son - Hunter attends Upper Iowa, Daughter - Whitney Senior this year here at Howard-Winn. Hobbies include outdoor activities Bow Hunting, Walleye Fishing, Bike riding, I hate Shopping!

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