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Preschool & Elementary- November 27

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In Honor of Thanksgiving--This Week We Are Thankful For.....

Preschool students are thankful for pumpkins, so they can make pumpkin pie!

Transitional Kindergarten
The Transition Kindergarten class is thankful for the new natural playground. It has given us a place to be outdoors that is comfortable, spacious, and encourages movement and imagination. In the fall students enjoyed the flowers and growing plants. Now snow has turned the hills into areas for sliding and the large grassy areas perfect places for snowman building. We thank everyone who helped make this project a reality!

They maade turkey hats and wrote on the feathers what they are thankful for. Our lists included the, friends, water, corn, food, spiders, webs, mom, dad, grandmas, grandpas, world, bothers, sisters, cousins, church, school, toys, and teddy bears!

As a class we read "The Most Thankful Thing" by Lisa McCourt. We then talked about Thanksgiving and our “most thankful thing”.  On chart paper we recorded the children’s “most thankful things”. This included things like toys, cookies, pets, and family. The children made owls to hang up in the hallway under the title Whooo’s Thankful. 

Thankful for moms, dads, and pandas!

Sixteen Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower for their trip to America. The Mayflower was a big ship, but not big enough. The Pilgrims were very crowded on the ship. On their voyage the Pilgrims ate salted beef and fish, hard dry biscuits, cheese, and butter. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. The wind blew and tossed the ship about. Their captain, Mitchell, did an excellent job keeping the ship afloat. After 65 days the first mate, Cayden, spotted land. The Pilgrims were excited. A few of the men rowed a small boat ashore to make sure that the new land was safe for the rest of the Pilgrims. When it was determined that the new land was safe they began to make several trips to shore in the small boat. The Pilgrims were very glad to reach land. They gave thanks by sharing thoughts of what they were thankful for with their friends.

First Grade
1A discussed the meaning of Thanksgiving and what each of us is thankful for. We made turkeys and chose six things that we were thankful for.

We are a thankful bunch! These turkeys are evidence of all the things in our lives we are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Second Grade
We are thankful for . . .

2A is thankful for many things like family, sisters, friends, pets, the earth, video games, Christmas, and teachers.

After hearing the story of the first Thanksgiving, with the Pilgrims and the Wapanoag tribe, second graders talked about the things for which they are truly thankful. Many said their families, but there were also some unique ones!  

We tallied our thoughts on the top two things we are thankful for. The results are in the background on the smart board. Food and family came out on top. Enjoy your food and family and all other things we are blessed with. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Third Grade
3C is thankful for lots of things! Happy Thanksgiving!
Check out our student blog pages where we worked on adding detail to "show" what we are thankful for using words and not just "telling".

The picture is what each person is thankful for and wrote about in their blog page.

Students in 3A wrote about all of the things they were thankful for. Many students mentioned their friends, families, food and water, the outdoors, and our country!

Fourth Grade

4B spent time discussing friendship and how thankful we were to have each other as friends. The class spent time "filling" each others plates with little messages of why they like having them as friends. They enjoyed reading their plates and seeing what was written for them. We put these on our lockers as a daily reminder of our friendships. Our plates do not always have to be filled with food to fill us up!

Fifth Grade

Teachers are thankful for their students! 5B is always creative and willing to try something new! I'm thankful for each and every one of my little turkeys!!


This class is thankful for . . .

Sixth Grade
6th graders are thankful for . . .

A Thankful Tree was made in Mrs. Cray's Reading Room. Throughout the month the kids wrote what they were thankful for ...We had so many leaves, the teacher had to "cut down" a tree from home.

Reading Students are thankful for books-especially books with their names in the story!

We are thankful for ...

We are thankful for some snow at recess time

The Night Before Thanksgiving story courtesy of some of our second graders:

From all of us at Crestwood Elementary
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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