Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Terese Jurgensen - Thanksgiving Post

                                        Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools
                                             Receives Apple Recognition Award
                                                     November 25th, 2015

During lunch time at HWCSD Professional Development on 11/25/15, the district was honored with an Apple Recognition Award.  This is a huge national honor, one the district does not take lightly. John Carver is shown here thanking all of the staff PK-12 for their hard work, diligence, creativity and passion for the students served at Crestwood. Mr. Carver thanked the staff stating, "You are changing the world!" 

This Thanksgiving Holiday, I am especially thankful to be a member of a team of amazing educators at Howard-Winn who are relentless in their pursuit of caring for and educating students. 


Professional Development 

I had the extreme pleasure of being a part of 2 separate professional developments in our district. In the afternoon, I presented to the high school staff on Special Education Law and how to provide the Accommodations & Modifications that students with disabilities need to access a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

In the morning, the special education teachers and myself, who had gone to the Social Thinking Training in Minneapolis last month presented "Social Thinking" to the preschool, elementary teachers and some of the support staff.  We broke down the training into parts.  I presented the overview of what Social Thinking is and how it relates to the common core. 

But the exciting part, the Good Stuff, was presented by the special education teachers ~ Jill McConnell, Alicia Martin, Jessie Cummings, Dory Fravel and Mary Watt along with our Family Case Manager, Denise Headington. These ladies presented on the work they are doing in the classroom with students across our district and how lives have been changed in just a few weeks!  It was unbelievable! Honestly, when they shared videos of what our students are learning in the realm of becoming Social Thinkers; I shed a few tears. The entire presentation was very well received, and I believe we will become a district that will embrace our students.  Teaching them the very Skills they need to learn and to realize their passions. 

These are the 4 Steps to Effective Communication - in order for students to access Social Skills, they need to learn how to communicate first. 


What I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:

I am so thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving Holiday. There are not enough words to express, but my heart is full today as I reflect back on this school year. 

I would like to give a "Shout Out" to all of the wonderful staff, students and families I have met.  I am so blessed to be a part of the Crestwood Community!

I would also like to publicly thank my family who always love and believe in me ~ especially my daughter, Emily, who is a Cadet!

Have a Safe & Wonderful Holiday!

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