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JCC December 18, 2015

Happy Holidays
The next Administrative Update will be January 8, 2016
District Perspective
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As we approach the Holiday season, I want to personally wish the BEST to Cadet Nation! 

Looking back over the past twelve months we have accomplished much and faced many challenges. From increasing academic achievement scores to moving all the students to the Cresco Campus to being recognized by Apple Computer as a District Of Distinction for  "innovating learning and teaching and compelling evidence of success" the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District has positive momentum. 

Looking forward to the second semester and 2016, many challenges and opportunities are up ahead. That being said, we have so much to be thankful and humble for.  Wonderful young people, courageous educators, committed support staff, caring and support parents and community, Cadet Nation is a very special place! Happy Holidays. Rest, Relax and Recharge for 2016! 

Every Child Succeed Act (ESSA) 
Last Thursday at the White House in Washington D.C. Presidents Obama signed into law the Every Child Succeed Act which replaces No Child Left Behind. Two important features of the new  include:
  • Ensures that vital information is provided to educators, families, students, and communities through annual statewide assessments that measure students' progress toward those high standards.
  • Maintains an expectation that there will be accountability and action to effect positive change in our lowest-performing schools, where groups of students are not making progress, and where graduation rates are low over extended periods of time.
Iowa, and specifically Howard-Winneshiek, has a long standing commitment of being transparent about student academic achievement at schools and specifically attendance centers.  Mandated in 2013 by the state legislature, the Iowa Department of Education was directed to create a rating scale for each attendance center (school) elementary, junior and high school in the state.  The findings were released Wednesday, December 13 and can be found at this site 
No Howard-Winn attendance center was labeled as "Needs improvement" or "Priority"
Crestwood Elementary was rated "Acceptable". It is important to note that this score card is a comparison of Crestwood Elementary to all other Iowa elementary schools. A point of strength for Crestwood Elementary is the number of students proficient. 

Students entering school in elementary come with different academic skill set starting points. They come in either "ready to read" or "ready to learn to read". 

Crestwood Elementary teachers do an outstanding job in closing the achievement gap and getting kids to proficiency.  

Having time to collaborate, review student achievement design instruction and interventions,  supports students learning.  

Crestwood Junior High was rated "Commendable" with the point of strengthen being the number of kids proficient. 

The area of growth is College and Carer Readiness.  The work we have done in starting Project Lead the Way classes in junior high, exposing kids to the world of work and careers will pay dividends.  

Waiting till high school  to get kids thinking about what they want to be is too late.  A recent thought was shared with me that jobs or careers many of our 7th and 8th graders will be in have yet to be invented.  

Howard-Winn thinking is "teaching kids the skills to learn", prepares and positions them for their future.  
Crestwood High School was rated "High Performing". What this means is that Crestwood High School is in among the top 13% of all High Schools in the state. This is outstanding.  

The "big take away" from this information is systemic. Students entering Howard-Winn in elementary then through Junior High and into High School, over time, grow, become proficient, graduate, with a good start to enter the world. 

The bottom line is that CADETS are moving forward.  

We are making good progress towards  the year 2020 with Howard Winn students being the most recruited, best prepared kids on the planet!.  

Looking to 2016
As we move into the new year and Iowa Lawmakers converge in Des Moines, school funding for 2016-17 school year will be addressed again.  There is talk of little to no increase to schools for the upcoming year.  This is not good. 

Every school district in Iowa is now feeling the "pain", Howard-Winn is not alone.  The Waukee Community School district growing 650 students, but because of State funding, will lay off teachers and cut over a million dollars from its budget. The same thing is happening in West Des Moines.  Challenges are ahead.  

Beginning in January, conversations and planning will begin again at Howard-Winn for further reductions. The challenge will be to maintain the level of programing and excellence in face of dwindling financial resources.  If funding for Education in Iowa remains the same as the previous year, the landscape for teaching and learning across the State will change dramatically. More information will follow.

Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like.........

Activity Calendar 
Monday, December 21
 NICC - Winter Break
 9th grade Boys/Girls BB vs South Winn (H)
 Band Booster Meeting @ CHS Music Room
 5th & 6th grade Christmas Concert @ CHS
Tuesday, December 22
 NICC - Winter Break
 V Wrestling @ Crestwood
 JV BBB vs West Central (T)
 V BBB vs West Central (T)
Wednesday, December 23 to Monday, January 4         Winter Break
Saturday, January 2, 2016
 9th grade BBB vs MFL Mar Mac (H)
 JV BBB vs MFL Mar Mac (H)
 V BBB vs MFL Mar Mac (H)
Monday, January 4, 2016
 Choir Booster Meeting
Tuesday, January 5, 2016
 7th grade BBB vs Charles City (T)
 8th grade BBB vs Charles City (H)
 9th grade BBB vs New Hampton (T)
 9th grade GBB vs New Hampton (H)
 JV BBB vs New Hampton (T)
 JV GBB vs New Hampton (H)
 V BBB vs New Hampton (T)
 V GBB vs New Hampton (H) 1/2 time performance
Thursday, January 7, 2016
 Youth Wrestling Night announced at CHS during Oelwein dual
 7th grade BBB vs North Fayette (T)
 8th grade BBB vs North Fayette (H)
 JV/V Wrestling vs Oelwein (H) Senior Night
Friday, January 8, 2016
 End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester
 9th grade BBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (H)
 9th grade GBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (T)
 JV BBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (H)
 JV GBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (T)
 V BBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (H)
 V GBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (T)
Saturday, January 9, 2016
 Dorian Vocal Festival @ Luther
 9th/10th grade GBB tournament @ Sumner-Fredericksburg
 Flanagan Tournament @ Crestwood
Sunday, January 10, 2016
 Dorian Vocal Festival @ Luther
 Harold Nicols Memorial Wrestling Tournament @ CHS

Have a safe and Happy New Year!
See you in 2016! 

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