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JCC December 4, 2015

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver  
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"Learning to read" comes first, then follows "reading to learn". It is important to note that reading words means nothing if one does not comprehend and understand what is read. Reading to someone benefits not not only the reader, but also the listener. This provides an opportunity for both to connect, collaborate and create! READING ROCKS! 

Relationships: Will or Skill
Building relationships are crucial to "Preparing and empowering our students to think creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally". Accomplishing this means identifying kid's passions and helping them to connect to professions. In some instances obstacles keep kids from moving forward. They may not know their "passions" and as such do not have the "will" or "inspiration" to achieve. In other instances they may not have the skills. At Howard-Winn we are working to create supports and structures to address this. The Success Program is one such initiative. Good things are happening!

Friends from the Marion School District 
The Marion Independent School District (Cedar Rapids) made its second trip to CADET NATION this past week. Elementary principals and teachers from MISD are seeking to build a relationship with Howard-Winn and learn. Having kids from rural Iowa learn and grow with kids from urban Iowa has great potential. The concept of "work, careers and jobs" is transforming. Many adults have the concept that "work" is someplace you go to and do stuff. This is changing. Employment in the 21st century for some will mean that using technology, a person will be able to choose anywhere in the world they want to live, and from there "work". We want Cadet Nation to be a choice. Using technology to connect and learning with MISD will give our kids real world expereinces and skills with potential employment opportunities! 

Physical Plant: Next Steps
Addressing safety concerns and physical plant needs must move forwarded even though we are facing a declining enrollment. Having a safe and inviting campus is a "selling point" for inviting folks to be a part of Howard-Winn and CADET NATION.

Identified areas for consideration include, but not limited to:

  • Better utilization of exciting space "under roof" for learning
  • Track and stadium complex 
  • Crestwood High School electrical infrastructure (original to1960s) 
  • Girl's locker rooms at Crestwood high School
  • Larger area wrestling / fitness
  • Parking at Crestwood High School 
  • Front entrances at Crestwood High and the K-8 
  • Auditorium
  • Practice gym (perhaps connecting the K-8 to the High School) 
  • Loading dock 
  • Storage

  • The Board of Education will review this at the December Board meeting in Chester, Monday, December 14 at 7:00. Next step could be the creation of a Request For Proposal (RFP) to Architects top create a comprehensive Physical Master Plant Plan. A deliverable would be the creation of a virtual component that could be shared with alumni during the 150th anniversary this July. Funding for construction and physical plant upgrades is a separate funding stream and does not comes from the General Fund.    

    This past week Education Superhighway released its report on finding by state of BROADBAND connectivity. The Iowa Communication Network (ICN) and the deployment of computers in 1:1 Iowa School Districts definitely puts the spotlight on IOWA!  

    It was COOL to see that Howard-Winn was used to illustrate the significance on "Why high speeds matters." 

    Education Superhighway is funded in part by Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. It should be noted that Facebook recently completed a multi-million dollar facility in Altoona, Iowa.  

    Back to the White House
    Last spring, as part of being "Future Ready", the U.S. Department of Education had a film crew at Howard-Winn filming all the cool things happening! Howard-Winn along with 6 other school districts from across the United States have been selected as examples for others to consider when transforming teaching and learning. Thursday, December 10 the findings and 50 videos will be made public. Humble I will be at the "roll out" to represent the District. This is all happening because of the courage and dedication of CADET NATION to not only think differently, but to move and take action. Howard-Winn is on the move! 
    Shout Outs

    • Crestwood FFA THANK YOU for organizing the "contributions of life" BLOOD DRIVE! You make a difference!  
    • THANK YOU to Activities Secretary Janice Lansing. Your servant leadership is greatly valued and appreciated! 
    • Nate Dietzenbach and Jim Sovereign are the 2015-16 Winter Event Mangers. Be sure to tell them HI!
    • Good Luck Boys and Girls Basketball! Both are off to a good start. 
    • CADET JH Girls Basketball Teams (7th and 8th grade) have grown and got better in  each contest!  #PROUD of you!  CADET JH Boys Basketball up next! 
    • Cadet Wrestling at all levels EXCITEMENT and UNLIMITED POTENTIAL 
    • Madrigal Diner December next weekend! Such great feast and frolic! 
    • Be sure NOT to miss the winter Music Concerts! Great music, talented young people!
    Learning Last Week at Howard-Winn Looked like...........
    What is Happening this WEEK!

    Monday, December 7
     Holiday JH/HS Band Concert in CHS Auditorium
    Tuesday, December 8
     7th & 8th grade Wrestling vs New Hampton (T)
     7th grade GBB vs Decorah (T)
     8th grade GBB vs Decorah (H)
     9th grade GBB vs Decorah (T)
     V Wrestling vs Osage (H)
     JV GBB vs Decorah (T)
     V GBB vs Decorah (T)
    Thursday, December 10
     Madrigal set up @ Heritage Events Center followed by rehearsal at 6:30
     7th grade GBB vs Charles City (H)
     8th grade GBB vs Charles City (T)
     5th & 6th grade Holiday Band Concert
    Friday, December 11
     Just for Kix to perform during V GBB half-time
     9th grade BBB vs Charles City (T)
     9th grade GBB vs Charles City (H)
     JV BBB vs Charles City (T)
     JV GBB vs Charles City (H)
     V BBB vs Charles City (T)
     V GBB vs Charles City (H)
    Saturday, December 12
     8:00 AM ACT Test
     V Wrestling Tournament @ Oelwein
     Madrigal rehearsal @ Heritage Events Center
     Madrigal Performance
    Sunday, December 13
     Madrigal Performance
     Madrigal Performance

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