Friday, December 4, 2015

Terese Jurgensen - Director of Student Services; December 4th

Happy Holidays Everyone!
                        Happy Holidays!
It's hard to believe that it is already December and the holiday season is upon us. In regards to Christmas, one of the Twitter feeds this week was about Charles Schulz and the 50 year anniversary of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Did you know this special was controversial for its time because of Linus sharing the true meaning of Christmas? Charles Schulz insisted that the scripture be included. One of my goals this holiday season is to be like Charles Schulz.  A person of conviction, making this holiday meaningful for our students and families and never forgetting what truly matters. For as much joy as this holiday brings to so many of us, it can also be a difficult time for others. I am encouraged, as I look around our school as staff members and students give of their time, talents and finances to reach out to our community with the true meaning of Christmas. If you know of a child, a student or a family who needs extra support, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me or another staff member.  We appreciate your willingness to reach out this holiday season. 

 Interestingly enough, Charles Schulz had a difficult time learning in school because he was a visual learner and did not process verbal language well. Some reports say he may have had dyslexia.  His life has inspired me to pursue unique and innovative ways to educate students! 
Professional Development 

Wednesday, November 24th during professional development for the secondary staff, I had the opportunity to provide an overview of best practices for students who have unique learning needs. Provided here is a shortened overview of the inservice, and I wanted to give a shout out to all of our teachers who work very hard to ensure that all students at Howard Winneshiek are learning at high levels. If you are a parent, student or an interested adult of a student who qualifies for additional supports it is important to understand and to know your rights. Here are some additional insights regarding special education:

District Advisory Committee
December 2, 2015

The District Advisory Committee discussed the Attendance Policy revisions on Wednesday, December 2nd. There were many good questions raised and positive discussions ensued. Much of the discussion revolved around how to share out the policy with parents, students and community partners once the revisions are finalized and are brought before the school board. 

The advisory board had several good points including keeping students highly engaged in the process, communicating to them through their home base rooms, and having the policy available by the February parent-teacher conferences. Other talking points included the importance of good attendance in the work place and holding high expectations for all students at Crestwood to support post-secondary success. 

Duane Boderman ~ School Board President
Addresses Howard-Winn Staff
Apple Recognition Award Presentation
November 24, 2015

Duane Boderman
Last week in my blog, I mentioned the Apple Recognition Award received by HWCSD. At that time, I was not able to upload the video of Duane Boderman, our school board president, addressing the teaching staff. His words were kind, generous, heartfelt combined with the touch of humor that Mr. Boderman is known for. 

I wanted to include this in the update and also extend a heart-felt thank you and appreciation to all of our board members as they give of their time and talent to the community of learners at Howard-Winneshiek. 

Thank you!
Have a wonderful week! 

Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns ~ I love to hear from you!

Terese Jurgensen
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