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JCC Admin Update Feb. 26 2016

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
Office: 563-547-2762
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Learning at Howard-Winn is no longer limited by a Zip Code or
physical location. Our students connect, collaborate and learn with folks from all over. This past week 5B students connect virtually with Luther College students on writing, 2nd graders SKYPED with author Deborah Guarino. CADET NATION LEARNING knows no boundaries.     

If you missed it, check out: Howard-Winn Teachers Invited to Present to University of Northern Iowa Faculty

2 Crestwood Students chosen as finalists for Iowa State Bar Association Competition

DRAFT School Calendar: 2016-17
Below is the working "DRAFT" of the school calendar for the 2016-17 school year. The thinking is we would use "instructional hours" again instead of "days". Doing this allows us to build up a reserve for "Snow Days" and other weather delays. By state statute, August 23 is the first day of classes. Parent-Teacher Conference dates are tentative at this time. Currently there is discussion on the structure of Parent-Teachers Conferences, specifically on how to best serve and collaborate with parents on their children's academic achievement. Suggestions and proposals will be forthcoming.   

Your comments and thinking are valued and can be emailed to   

#2020HowardWinn: Next steps
The next 60 days will be a wild rollercoaster!  Contract negotiations, staff reductions, TLC selections, 2016-17 calendar adoption, all will be swirling around.  It is important to stay positive, breathe, smile, enjoy each moment and keep focused on the one thing that matters, the kids. They are watching us and we are modeling for them how to navigate through change.  Our actions, our words will have a lasting impact on them.  
  • Feedback from Student Led Conferences has been extremely positive.  It is powerful and empowering for the kids to share/tell parents about their learning. Good stuff.
  • Staff Reductions. All departments, grade levels, programs, and activities are being reviewed.  With fewer kids, less funding, we are going to have to shrink.  For teachers, "pink slips" are to be issued by April 30.  It is my intention NOT to wait til April 30, but to inform folks as early as possible. Know that we approach staff reductions as a process, following the provisions of the Master Contract and in communication with the Howard-Winn Education Association. 
  • Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) Update: Monday, February 29 interviews will begin for the 3 Full Time Instructional Coach positions. Once these are selected, 2016-17 staff needs will be addressed. 
  • Twitter Tuesday is gaining momentum. Tweeting out about what is happening in your classroom, re-tweeting the good things at #2020HowardWinn, is powerful.  As we are transparent and share the exciting things happening, the more folks will want to "check us out" and hopefully join the party and become part of Cadet Nation. This is one easy way you can make a difference, share and lift up #2020HowardWinn and showcase the learning excitement. If we don't share our story, nobody else will. 
Shout Outs
  • Crestwood FFA ROCKS! The Crestwood FFA hosted District competition this last Tuesday.  I was honored to be asked to be one of the judges and was greatly impressed with the poise and confidence of the contestants.  FFA is the BEST "school to work" STEM program in IOWA! Congratulations to those Chapter member heading to the next level of competition. 
  • Congratulations to the CADET Girl's Basketball TEAM, Boy's Basketball TEAM and the Wrestlers! We are all very proud of your efforts and accomplishments.
  • a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Crestwood student leadership: CADET COUNCIL! Young people stepping up and wanting to make a difference! ROCK ON! 
  • SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to our Winter Sports Event Managers: Nate Dietzenbach and Jim Sovereign.  Your servant leadership and contributions are greatly valued and appreciated. 
Learning in CADET NATION last week looked like:

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