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April 1, 2016 JCC Admin Update

District Perspective
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We want to welcome Shopko to Howard-Winn!  The official grand opening of the new Shopko Hometown was Friday, March 25, 2016 and it is GREAT to have them as a part of CADET NATION. 

A special THANK YOU for the donation to Crestwood High School.  The $2,500 will be put towards the new Track timing system at Crestwood Stadium, Legion Field!  

Again THANK YOU Shopko Hometown Cresco and welcome to CADET NATION!

New Law gives Howard-Winn flexibility
Last week Governor Branstad signed Senate File 2200: Instruction Provided by Iowa Online Learning Initiative.  The bill extends the ability of school districts to offer online courses outside the ICN if existing content is not available through Iowa Learning Online. This bill is important to Howard-Winn in that it increases the District's flexibility in providing students classes connected to their passion as well as "offer and teach" classes.  Important to note that this bill passed the Senate 49-0 and the House 96-0.  The "take away" from this is that there is strong support for District's to be creative and innovative in giving students choices. We must continue to "think outside of the box" to meet the needs and empower our young people.    

2020 Howard-Winn: Next Steps...
This past week the Howard-Winneshiek Education Association (HWEA) and the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District reached a tentative contract agreement for the 2016-17 school year. Subject to Board vote, the agreement calls for a 3.01% total package increase for teachers. It is
important to note that even with this settlement, there will still be a need for a reduction of staff.

The Governor has yet to sign, but the Legislature has approved, a 2.25% increase in school aid for the upcoming school year. Of the 336 school Districts in Iowa,"seventy-two will see no growth or a decline in regular school aid. Another 134 will see less than 2.25 percent growth in regular school aid." This means that 2/3 of the Districts in Iowa, including Howard-Winn, are facing funding challenges.

Education in Iowa, and at Howard-Winn is approaching a "flashpoint". Iowa Schools K-12 as well as State Colleges, Community Colleges and Private Colleges are all at different points, but all heading in the same direction  We cannot keep doing what we have always done. Students and the money is not there. There is no cavalry coming to save us and it is up to us to figure out the way forward.

Four the last 4 years, Howard-Winn has been moving forward, revisioning what education needs to be. In many instances, we are "ahead of the curve". Our relationship with Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) and Kessel Kids has created PK -16 continuum of learning, second to none. 

Howard-Winn has many strengths from which to build from. There are opportunities and possibilities in front of us. It is important we stay positive and keep moving forward.  We are zeroing in on the year 2020 and the goal of having the class of 202 be the best prepared, most recruited kids on the planet. Stay tuned for updates.

Howard-Winn becoming global!
This past week we welcomed to Cadet Nation international students.  These young people are coming to us, with unlimited potential.  Learning English and assessing where they are at academically will be a priority. 

Having International workers and their families come to 2020HowardWinn is a good thing. These folks are family orientated, hard working, and looking for a place to call home.  Join me in welcoming them to Cadet Nation!   

"Shout outs"
  • Track and Golf season are underway, if now we could get the weather to cooperate. The snow, rain and cold temperatures have caused several cancelations. Think positive, warm weather is on the way! 
  • A BIG "Shout Out" to the students taking part in the State Science Fair. This event was held at Iowa State University in Ames.  THANK YOU for representing!
  • A SHOUT OUT to Project Lead the Way teachers who presented and shared the 2020HowardWinn Story at Iowa State, also on Friday. CYCLONE NATION met CADETNATION #PROUD!

Crestwood Cadet PTO


Your support is appreciated greatly!

Learning at Howard Winn last week looked like...


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