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April 15, 2016 JCC Admin Update

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
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The "Jazz Spotlight" last Saturday, concerts this week and next, Cadet Nation is alive with music and song!  

We are extremely blessed with talented young people who can not only sing, but as our 4th graders showed us thursday night, can DANCE as well! A very special "Shout Out" to the Music Department and Directors for your dedication in connecting kids to their passion in music!  THANK YOU! 
Planning and Preparing for the 2016-17 School Year
The Board of Education took actions at the April Board meeting to prepare for the 2016-17 school year.  Along with approving the 2016-17 School Calendar, recommendations for reduction and restructuring of the instructional workforce were addressed.  
  • With three teachers moving to state funded TLC positions, their positions would be "backfilled" with current staff realizing a savings of $215,703. The "Backfill" would result through restructuring.
  • 2nd grade to move from 4 sections to 3, reduction of a JH Science teacher, and reduction from 8 FTE to 7 FTE for Preschool/PreK/K. These three teachers would backfill into the position opened by the TLC.  
  • With the conclusion of Preschool registration (February 9 - March 4), and with only 5 students registered in Lime Springs, the Board voted 4-1 to cease Preschool operations in Lime Springs for the 2016-17 school year.
  • GAT position not filled (retirement). 
  • The Board voted to have 3 sections of Kindergarten and one section of Transitional Kindergarten at the K-8 campus. 
These actions will result in an estimated $274,542.00 in reductions. With projected 3% increase in negotiated wages and salaries, there is a shortfall of about $19,958.  Howard-Winn Business Manager Clint Farlinger projects $247,497 less in state aid from last year. What this means is with the $19,958 and projected $247,497 less in state aid, the District will be "dipping into" reserves $274,542.  Presently the District has over $2 million dollars in reserve.  

More information will follow.  Questions and input are important, valued and can be directed to

Preschool at Lime Springs
Challenges with declining enrollment and shrinking funding is driving very hard decisions. The thinking in reference to the Preschool programs is that there would be enough students in preschool to generate enough state funding to justify the program.  As with the preschool in Elma, it was estimated that between 10-12 students would generate enough funding to justify the program.  

With what we know today, funding generated by 10 students does not cover salary and operational costs.  Each preschool student generates roughly $3,800 in state funding. Salaries alone for the preschool in Lime Springs was $54,500. 15 students would be needed to come close, and this does not factor in operational or program cost. It should be noted that Lime Spring Preschool has been operating at 9 students (under the limit) and just recently was able to get back to 10 students.  

Preschool sign-up was February 29 to March 4. This District placed ads in the NE Iowa Shopper and Cresco Times Plain Dealer along with posts in social media via Twitter, Facebook, and the School website announcing this.  It was also posted in the Weekly Updates and on the School Marquee on Highway 9. With 5 students registered for the fall in Lime Springs, the recommendation to cease operations in Lime Springs was made and voted on by the Board.

As mentioned above, the District is already projecting using $274,542 in reserves for the upcoming year.  Hard decision are having to be made.

Questions and input is valued and can be directed to

Howard-Winneshiek Community School Foundation (HWCSF)
The District is very excited and thankful for the efforts of the Howard-Winneshiek Community School Foundation and its work to support learning!  

Watch the story at:

Please consider being a part of this movement and contribute to to our future by investing by in our kids today! 

Check out the latest at:

Trust, Respect and Credibility 
I had a very insightful conversation with a young person the other day. It was very interesting to hear their perspective and also to listen to how they see the world.  My take away from that was they were very disappointed and confused.  From a national perspective to a local perspective, from the Presidential race to athletics, to how people treat each other, this young person was struggling how to make sense of it all.  At their core they wanted to do the right things, but they were searching as to what that was.  I had to share with them, that I too struggle with these same questions. 

In our conversation we came to agree it all gets back to Trust, Respect, and Credibility. Our children see what happens on TV, they read what goes on in the world, but most of all they watch what we adults in their lives do. They take in how we react and what we say. As adults what are we modeling to our young people?  

Howard-Winn, Cadet Nation is a special place. I am convinced that the next Norman Borlaug, the next global change agent is currently walking the halls at Crestwood.  Just as we prepare students academically, it is equally important they are equipped with strong "moral compass" of right and wrong. Trust, Respect, and Credibility is the foundation this is built on. The kids are watching, what are our "thoughts and deeds" teaching them?  

Shout Outs!
  • The weather is finally cooperating! Track meets and Golf meets are underway!  
  • The new electronic track timing system was used at Crestwood's home meet last Tuesday night.  It worked GREAT!  Thank you to Hometown SHOPKO and the Crestwood All Sports Booster Club for financial support in making this happen!
  • Congrats to Isaiah Passmore for winning a trip to Washington D.C.  Read more at
  • Crestwood FFA Chapter will be representing at the State FFA convention next week!  
  • PROM 2016 CADETS will be "rockin and rollin" Saturday, April 12.  

Happenings at CADET NATION
Monday, April 18
 V Boys Golf Meet vs Charles City @ Cresco Country Club
 V Girls Golf Meet vs Charles City @ Cedar Ridge Golf Course
 V Boys Invitational Track @ Decorah
 Band Booster Meeting @ CHS Music Room
Tuesday, April 19
 4:15 PM Boys 7/8 Track Meet vs New Hampton (T)
 4:15 PM Girls 7/8 Track Meet vs Decorah (T)
 Varsity Girls Track Invitational @ CHS
Wednesday, April 20
 4th Quarter midterm @ CHS
Thursday, April 21
 4:30 PM V Girls Invitational Track @ North Fayette Valley
 Jr High Boys Track Meet vs Waukon (T)
 Jr High Girls Track Meet @ CHS
Friday, April 22
 V Boys Golf Meet vs Turkey Valley @ Cresco Country Club
 V Girls Golf Meet @ Nashua Town & Country Club
 Varsity Boys Track Meet @ Waukon
Saturday, April 23
 9:00 AM V Girls Golf Meet vs Decorah (T) Changed from 4/30

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