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Terese Jurgensen ~ Director of Student Services ~ May 20th

Looking forward to seeing our Crestwood Seniors Graduate  this Sunday, May 22nd!

ESL = English as a Second Language


● At the start of the 2015-­2016 school year, Howard-­Winn started with 7 ELL students.
   All of these students spoke the English Language & were fully integrated into the 
   classrooms at Howard-Winn. The ages ranged from 2nd grade - 12th grade. 

● During the fall of 2015, the Howard-­Winn LAU plan was updated & rewritten to meet     state guidelines.

● This spring, Howard­-Winn enrolled 3 Newcomer students with extremely low
    academic abilities.  The definition of a NEWCOMER is a student who does not 
    speak or understand the English language (or very little).  

● Additional ELL students enrolled at Howard-­Winn, increasing numbers currently
    we have 15 ELL students. 
  • 3 Students are Newcomers - total pull out program to learn English
  • 3 Students speak & understand some English - They are in general education classrooms & receive daily instruction in the English Language
  • 9 Students have stronger, English Language skills & receive English language    instruction.
● By April 15th, ALL Howard­-Winn students completed the NEW ELPA21

   state ­wide assessment and met compliance with Iowa Assessments. 

● Alicia Martin is our only ESL Teacher and her contract is a .25 for ELL & .75 for
   special education.


Currently, Ms. Martin (with the support of a full-time substitute teacher) is our only support for our districts's English Language Learners. Her job duties included but are not limited to:

○ Write, Amend, Implement District's LAU Plan

○ Administer Initial Entry Screenings

○ Create Individual Learning Programs

○ Attend & Re-certify in ELL Trainings

○ Amend district’s Home Language Survey - all families in district complete this survey.

○ Work with Data Coordinator

○ Trained Test Administrator 

○ File and and store cumulative results (parent signatures, screener results)

○ Communicate with parents prior to testing

Administer screener (half day), send in screener to the state, derive results,
    file results

○ Use data based on screeners, previous educational placement
    programming to create Individual Learning Plans (ILP).

○ Create forms, send paperwork home, have a parent meeting, signatures acquired, hand out  
content to teachers, identify accommodations/modifications, design co-taught needs, collaborate with content teachers & support them. 

○ Lau Plan, named after the landmark Lau vs. Nichols U.S. Supreme Court Decision of 1974, is one equal access plan that protects ELLs.

 State and District data collection / work alongside District Coordinator

TELPA Screener - given to all new ELL students when they first arrive to the district. 

○ ELPA21 Administrator Trainings

○ Carry out collaboration minutes with General Education Teachers (legal
    obligation, currently not being met due to schedule restrictions)

○ Create, obtain or advocate for curriculum and support curriculum for
    general education teachers

Provide Specially Designed Instruction & Carry Out Service Minutes:
Currently have 15 students

○ 3 Level I students (Newcomer) ­­- all day program

○ 3 Level II students  - ­­1­2 hours a day

○ 7 Level III & IV  - ­­30 minutes to 1 hour a day

○ 2 in the Monitoring/Transition Period


Looking Ahead:

An ELL Committee has been formed to prepare for future programming and the enrollment of additional students who will require qualified teachers to teach English as a Second Language.  
The members of this committee are:
  • Blanca Campos - Iowa Department of Education, Immigration Education
  • Gisella Aitken-Shadle - NICC; English Language Teacher/Support 
  • Nathan Thomas - NICC; Native Spanish Speaker, Success Coordinator
  • Sarah Brincks - AEA Support Staff for Howard-Winn, ELL Students
  • Trish Hartman - High School Guidance
  • Alicia Martin - ELL Teacher
  • Libby Schwade - Secondary Spanish Teacher
  • Chris Rogne - Secondary Principal
  • Sara Grimm - Elementary Principal
  • Terese Jurgensen - Director of Student Services
Blanca Campos is our lead person to communicate with our new ELL families. According to this communication, there will be approximately (conservatively) 10 new students in our district in the fall. 

We are thankful for the work and support of Meghan McAllister, our full-time substitute teacher that has filled in for our special education students as well as our Newcomer ELL students. However, it is evident, that additional ELL support is needed here at Howard-Winn. It is an exciting need and these students have been a truly wonderful addition to our Crestwood Family! They want to learn so badly, and work very hard, every day, to learn English. 

A cute story to share: One day I was introducing one of our new ELL students to a friend of mine at Kessel Kids.  I said her name and informed my friend that this new student was from Guatamala. She corrected me and said, "No...I am from Iowa!" 


We have 3 days of school left! 

We will be sharing the revised Attendance Policy & the updated Special Education Service Delivery Plan with the School Board on Monday, June 13th.

Please feel free to email me or call!

Terese Jurgensen
(563) 929-6344

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