Friday, May 27, 2016

Terese Jurgensen~Director of Student Services~May 27, 2016

Casey Rausch (1st Grade) & Carrie McCarville (6th Grade)
I was fortunate to catch these 2 talented and amazing teachers in the hallway yesterday morning and have them give us a "year in review." Mrs. Rausch and Mrs. McCarville outline some technology integrated lessons that their students truly enjoyed as well as their plans for the summer. I could have interviewed any one of our highly qualified, amazing staff members PK-12, and we would have heard additional stories and outstanding opportunities for our students here at Howard-Winn. These 2 ladies were just "lucky" enough to be walking down the hallway at just the right time!  

A HUGE Thank You to all of our Teachers, Associates and Support Staff that enable our school to do amazing things for kids!  
Have a wonderful summer!

Rhonda Vobr has retired after 28 years of faithfully serving kids & families
at Howard-Winn. Mrs. Vobr was our Secondary GAT teacher, librarian for many years and even served as a recess support person. We wish her well in her next adventure.
 She will be missed!
Kris Ward has accepted a new position at New Hampton CSD.

She did an outstanding job of leading our High School Student VOICE,

Secondary Spanish Classes and Interpreter for our new ELL Families

She will be missed!

Mr. Carver (above) thanks the PK-12 staff for all their hard work, passion and commitment to the students and families of the students served during the 2015-16 school year. 

Sara Grimm & Denise Headington & Sally Tieskoetter (right) listen attentively to Rhonda Vobr thanking HWCSD for the memories!
The entire staff enjoyed a wonderful luncheon and retirement party yesterday during the last Professional Development Day of the 2015-16 School Year. Pictured (left) is Julie Wilson, Dory Fravel, Linda Walter and Paula Galvin. I would be remiss to not thank Cheryl Dickman for the wonderful lunch and the outstanding efforts of the lunch staff for a nutritious and delicious school year!

News for the Summer!
Sign Up for Breakfast, Lunch 
Wisdom & Wellness!

Ongoing Professional Development!
This summer many of our school staff will continue on their professional development journey to improve learning and instruction. We will begin the process of preparing our district for our new Teacher Leadership Grant with the addition of instructional coaches - Kim Kerian, Kelly Sorenson and Heather Suckow. As our instructional coaches they will attend several trainings including, but not limited to "Fierce Conversations," Jim Knight Training and Teacher Leadership. It will be an exciting adventure as we introduce teacher leadership to our school district. 

I will be presenting at the KPEC Conference in Dubuque on Positive Peer Culture and challenging student behaviors on June 22nd. Immediately after that, I will board a plane for San Francisco to present with Alicia Martin, secondary special education teacher, at the Global Social Thinking Conference on June 24th. I am super excited about this as I will meet and have dinner with two of my professional heroes in the areas of challenging behaviors and students on the autism spectrum. These men are Dr. David Ross Greene and Jed Baker. To put into words, how honored and excited I am to present at these prestigious conferences and meet men and women whose passion to support students with challenging behaviors is difficult to put into words. 

Have a wonderful summer!
Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns for your children!

Terese Jurgensen
(563) 929-6344

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