Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26th, 2016 - Crestwood Secondary

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12) 
Twitter: @Crestwood_HS

Chris Rogne, Principal
office: 563-547-2764
Twitter: @chris_rogne 

Events for the Week of August 27th - September 2nd   
Saturday, August 27th:
                FFA State Livestock and Dairy Foods competition @ Ames
                Choir Senior Trip to Chanhassen and Renaissance Festival

Sunday, August 28th:
                Choir Senior Trip to Chanhassen and Renaissance Festival

Monday, August 29th:
6:30         Choir Booster Meeting in CHS Music Room                                

Tuesday, August 30th:
9:00          High School Success Team Meeting 
5:30          Home 9/JV/V VB  vs. South Winneshiek                                            

Wednesday, August 31st:
5:30          NEIC Administrator Meeting in New Hampton                    
Thursday, September 1st:
4:00           JH Cross Country @ Charles City
4:30           Varsity Girls and Boys Cross Country @ Charles City

Friday, September 2nd: 
5:00           Home 9th grade FB vs. Decorah                     
7:30           Home Varsity FB vs. Decorah

Lunch Schedule Change

It was a great first day, but not with out a few hiccups.  Those hiccups are something that we will be able to work through. One thing we noticed was congestion in the Student Center during lunch time. Additional seating has been brought in and we also have decided to make some adjustments to the lunch schedule; making each lunch period slightly longer. This will allow for adequate time for food preparation, serving, dishes, seating, and additional time for students to eat and socialize with peers.

The changes to the schedule are in Homebase and 5th period only.  All other periods are the same.  Homebase will start at the same time, but will be 6 minutes shorter.  Each lunch period is 2 minutes longer.

This schedule went in to effect on Friday, August 26th.

Back to School Conferences
Thank you to those who were able to attend the back to school conference day on Tuesday, August 23rd. We had 104 families that were able to take advantage of a scheduled conference time in the afternoon.  That is about 17% of our students represented.

94% (565/598) of students were able to come to school to receive their laptop during the homebase time, or sometime during the day.  

During the evening portion, students and families were able to make their way around the buildings to find classrooms, ask questions, and hear a little about each class.  Rough estimates indicate we had varied interest in this portion of the night. Anywhere from 10-20 percent (some classrooms more, some less) of students and families were able to drop in to classrooms during this time.  Data shows the time was most utilized by 7th and 9th grade families.

PowerSchool Parent Notifications
Directions to Set Up PowerSchool Email Notification for Parents
Part of the Laptop Rollout included instructions to sign up for PowerSchool email notifications.  If you were not able to get signed up, please follow the directions below.

PowerSchool's Parent Portal provides real-time access for parents to their child's grades, attendance, and more. PowerSchool also offers parents the opportunity to have daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly emails sent to their email accounts. Follow these instructions to enable PowerSchool to send you emails.

  1. Log in to PowerSchool.
  2. On the left-side navigation bar, click on Email Notification.

  1. Select the information you would like sent to you, and how often.  
  2. If you have other email addresses you would like this information sent to, enter it in the Additional Email Addresses field.
  3. If you have more than one child attending Howard-Winneshiek CSD, check mark the option to Apply these settings to all your students.
  4. If you would like PowerSchool to send you an email right away, check mark the option to Send now.10-17-2013_8-34-37_AM.png
  5. When you are finished click on Submit.
  6. If successful, you will see this message at the top of your screen:


Real Colors® Professional Development

The world of education has changed dramatically since the establishment of the traditional K-12 and university structures. Reaching today’s students and keeping their interest is more challenging than ever before.

On Monday, secondary teacher took part in a Real Colors® workshop. Real Colors offers essential tools for educators that can help them meet challenges, and achieve new levels of success with students, parents and coworkers. During this work shop participants discovered exciting new ways to inspire and motivate students, find out how to adapt to distinctive learning styles and much more!
The goal of the workshop was to provide participants with the skills to:
  • understand human behavior
  • uncover motivators specific to each temperament
  • identify their own—and other people’s—Real Colors and personal strengths
  • understand the different ways people process information
  • communicate with others in the most effective way possible—including hearing what they’re really saying
  • recognize and appreciate the strengths and viewpoints of others

Below is some feedback from participants in the workshop:

The best take-away I have from this presentation is…

  • an understanding why students (and adults) act the way they do 
  • I can use this to help teach kids of all colors (temperament) 
  • how to structure class for all learning styles 
  • what each color means and the boosters and barriers for each temperament 
  • everyone is different and that is essential to keeping life fun and interesting 
  • we need to be aware of the different colors of our students and help them be successful 
  • helped to understand who I am and how others think and why 
  • concrete ideas to use with students who do not work in the same way I do 
  • a better understanding of why students act the way they do in class - also made me realize why I sometimes may have butted heads with students in the past; their temperament is the exact opposite of mine.
Shoulder Straps for Computer Bags
If your student didn't notice (which many did), there was something missing from their computer bag this year... shoulder straps.

The Tech Department will not be issuing shoulder straps for computers this year.

It has been determined that the straps have been used to swing the computers which is causing them damage by striking them against the floor or walls.

Thanks for your understanding. For some students, it might take a little getting used to but will hopefully limit the damage to computers.

Meet Mr. Bouska

What grade levels and subjects do you teach?
H.S. Special Education

Where did you attend college?

Luther College 

How many years have you been an educator? How many years at Howard-Winn?

9th in education, 1st at Howard-Winn
Was there a particular event or person that inspired you to become an educator?
Chris Lentz 

What is your favorite thing about Howard-Winn? 

The collaboration amongst staff and administration.

More about Mr. Bouska:
Son: Bennett
Dog: Sunny
Hobbies: Golf, Fish, Hunt, Farm, & Golf 

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