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JCC Admin Update August 12, 2016

Welcome BACK! 
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John Carver
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Here comes CADET NATION 2016-17!
Excitement is building for the start of the new school year! Rooms have been painted, floors waxed, new furniture delivered, schedules created, and teachers hired, all is ready for students!  Let the good times roll!

The Final Countdown Begins: 
Wednesday, August 17: 
Meet the Band Night! 5:30 p.m. at the Stadium.

Thursday, August 18: 
New teachers will report and meet with Principals and District Office Staff. A tour of the district as well as lunch will be hosted by the Cresco Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis.  THANK YOU!

Fall Sports: Meet the TEAM Night 6:00 p.m. in the HS Gym. Come hear from Coaches on their goals for the upcoming season! All Sports Booster Club will be in the house and sharing about the upcoming membership drive. 

Varsity Volleyball Scrimmage with Turkey Valley: 7:15 p.m.

Friday, August 19:
All Staff report! Meetings, "Pre-launch" kick-off, All staff picture.
Varsity Football Scrimmage at South Winneshiek: 7:00 p.m.

Monday, August 22:
Staff meetings and final preparation.

Tuesday, August 23: Relationship Building
Preparing and empowering our young people is a shared community responsibility and relationships are crucial. This day is targeted for Parent-Teacher-Student conversations K-12 along with the deployment of laptops in the secondary.  For specific details check out Mr. Rogne and Mrs. Grimm's post.

IMPORTANT: Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) -  see Mr. Rogne's post for start dates! All other classes begin Tuesday, August 24. 

Wednesday, August 24 "BLAST OFF" All classes begin. 

Physical Plant Upgrades 
Facilities Director Larry Trende and his crew have been been working non-stop painting, building, fixing and cleaning.  The buildings look WONDERFUL! Positive learning experiences begin with a physical space that inspires and excites!  The colors at the elementary do just that!  The flexible furniture, couches and carpets in all the building, create inspiring learning spaces.  THANK YOU also to individual teachers who are looking "outside the box" in the arrangement of your classrooms. (and to those who pitched in and helped with the room painting. THANK YOU Mrs. Midthus).

Stadium Update:
Planning is finalizing on improvements for the stadium.  New concessions, bleachers, sidewalks, lights, stadium entrance as well as resurfacing the track will provide Crestwood athletes and patrons a GREAT venue.  With a BIG THANK YOU to the CADET All Sports Booster Club for the new electronic Track timing system and new scoreboard (coming yet this fall) CADET NATION is moving forward.   

More information will follow.  Tentatively the thinking is to begin demolition at the end of the Football season, with new bleacher in place prior to the 2017 Track season. Track resurfacing would be AFTER the new construction (tentatively in the summer of 2017).  The entire project is slated to be completed for the fall of 2017 sports season.  

Mark your calendar: All Sports Booster Club membership drive coming your way! Sunday, August 28 beginning at 4:00. Cadet student-athletes will be going "door to door" throughout CADET NATION! 

THANK YOU to All Sports Booster Club and Youth Wrestling for your support in acquiring new Junior High wrestling Mats

#2020HowardWinn, Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC), Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA): What does all of this mean for my child?
In the fall of 2012 the District started on a journey to create an educational system that would prepare and empower students to contribute and compete in the 21st century and to be in that condition by the year 2020.  The class of 2020 is now in 9th grade.  

Working to embed technology seamlessly into instruction, connecting learners (teachers and students) beyond Iowa, stressing transliteracy, science, technology, engineering, math, discovering students passion and connecting them to professions, plus building grit and importance of community service through Silver Cord, Howard-Winn has come a long way. We still have a ways to go. 

Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC)
This IOWA initiative provides funding to focus on improving instruction, utilizing and leveraging teacher's expertise.  The Howard-Winn TLC design committee, with representatives from elementary, secondary, community, and support from administration, has designed a plan that will accelerate our progress to 2020. 

This fall Howard-Winn rolls out and makes operational our TLC plan. The bottom line is that just as teachers strive to differentiate instruction (learning) for your child, the TLC will strive to differentiate support (learning) for teachers.  The end goal is to increase efficacy throughout.

Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA) 
ESSA replaces No Child Left Behind federal legislation. For Howard-Winn (and every Iowa School District), new accountability standards are forthcoming. We know today that there are four areas of focus: 
Accountability: States must submit their accountability plans to the US Education Department for approval beginning with the 2017-18 school year.
Indicators: To measure the effectiveness of schools, state accountability systems must include at least four indicators. 
State Results: Three of these indicators must be academic; state test results, English proficiency and high schools graduation rates.  
Non-Academic: The fourth indicator must be non-academic, such as school climate, student engagement or social emotional learning. 

For Howard-Winn and Iowa it is a good thing that accountability plans are being developed at the the state level and not an edict from the federal level.  At the end of the day, the outcome is to ensure every student is reaching their full potential.  Howard-Winn welcomes this scrutiny and is well positioned to meet and exceed.  

Enjoy the last few days of summer break!

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