Friday, October 28, 2016

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
Office: 563-547-2762
Twitter: johnccarver      
SKYPE: johnccarver

Who says boys do not like to read? This picture, taken in kindergarten last week, illustrates that reading ROCKS.  Note the #TwitterTuesday hashtag.  Each Tuesday teachers are posting Tweets to share all the GREAT learning going on at #2020HowardWinn.  Be sure to check it out!

Learning at #2020HowardWinn is always an adventure! 
With the water main break last Monday, everything in Cresco had to come to a halt and school was canceled.  Tuesday we were able to have school only because of the donation of drinking water from Culligans and Fareway!  

A BIG THANK YOU to these businesses for their commitment to the young people of CADET NATION.  Also a "shout out" to Buildings and Grounds Director Larry Trende and his team for distributing the water and setting up drinking stations as well as Cheryl Dickman's Food Service Crew for adapting and making sure CADET NATION was fed.  Another "shout out" to the Cresco Water Department for quickly finding the leak and ensuring we all have safe drinking water.  CADET NATION ROCKS!

2016-17 Instructional Hours
Howard-Winn operates on Instructional Hours as opposed to Instructional Days.  

Our school calendar has built in 64 "extra" instructional hours. What this means is that we could miss up to 64 hours before we would have to "make up" time.

Because of the flooding on the first day of school and the water main break, we now have 50 hours remaining.  It is hopeful that this will cover us for possible Snow Days this winter.  Missed school after 50 hours will have to be made up. 

Remember that in the case of bad weather, we will always begin with a 2 hour delay, then after the sun is up, make the final decision for the day.  Follow Social Media for real time updates.   

Big SHOUT OUT to the CADET CROSS COUNTRY TEAM!  A special "SHOUT OUT" to Michael Mashek, Hope Dohlman and Ellie Friesen for qualifying for the STATE CROSS COUNTRY meet Saturday, October 29 in Fort Dodge. 
Good LUCK Michael, Hope and Ellie! 

Congratulations to the CADET FOOTBALL team: Class 2A District 2 Champions.  
Crestwood will host the the Union Knights game Friday, October 28, start time 7:00 p.m.   
Crestwood Activity passes are NOT accepted for State competition. Tickets for the game are $6 for all spectators 

Parent Teacher Conferences
Tuesday, November 1 and Thursday November 3 
No School Friday, November 4, 2016 

Sharing the Howard-Winn story
Tuesday, November 15, Howard-Winn will again be at the White House to contribute in the national conversation on what the next generation of schools will look like. Being designated as Future Ready in 2014, taking part in the "rollout" of the National Education Technology Plan in 2015, and now in the conversation on personalized learning, Howard-Winn is helping to shape 21st century learning in the United States.  Stay tuned for updates.  

Look what is happening at Howard-Winn next week!
Tuesday, November 1
 Parent/Teacher Conferences - 1 hour early out
 Parent Meeting for Wrestlers in HS Gym
Thursday, November 3
 Parent/Teacher Conferences - 1 hour early out
Friday, November 4
 No School P/T Comp Day
Monday, November 7
 Parent Night for Youth Wrestling Club in HS Gym
Tuesday, November 8
 7th grade GBB vs Waverly-Shell Rock (H) & 8th grade GBB (T)
Thursday, November 10
 7th grade GBB vs Decorah (H) & 8th grade GBB (T)
Friday, November 11
 4:15 pm 7/8 grade Wrestling at Decorah
 7th grade GBB vs New Hampton (H) & 8th grade GBB (T)
 High School Musical
Saturday, November 12
 High School Musical
Sunday, November 13
 High School Musical
Monday, November 14
 School Board Meeting in the Media Center

October 28, 2016 - Crestwood Secondary

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)

Events for the Week of October 29th - November 4th:  
Saturday, October 29th:
                   State Cross Country Meet @ Fort Dodge

Monday, October 31st:                       
3:45             Teacher Quality Committee Meeting in the District Board Room  

Tuesday, November 1st:             
                    1 Hour Early Dismissal for  Conferences
7:35             Secondary BLT Meeting in the CHS Media Center
9:00             9-12 Success Team Meeting
3:30 - 7:30   Parent/Teacher Conferences
7:00             High School Wrestling Parent Meeting in the HS Gym
Wednesday, November 2nd: 
9:00             CBE Collaborative Conference Call              
1:45             7-8 Success Team Meeting   

Thursday, November 3rd:
                    1 Hour Early Dismissal for Conferences
1:45             Alternative School Meeting             
2:30             New Course Meeting
3:30 - 7:30   Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 4th:     
                    No School at Howard-Winn - NICC Classes are in session   
7:00             Play-off Varsity Football vs. TBD

NEIC Student Leadership Team
On October 25th, student leaders from across the Northeast Iowa Conference met in New Hampton for a Student Leadership Conference. This day was used to begin working with aspiring student leaders from each NEIC school to kick off a leadership team effort across district lines to:
  • Build interconference relationships among our student leaders
  • Build leadership capacity in our student leaders to make an impact in their schools and communities
  • Build a network of resources in northeast Iowa to add to a growing support system for young people

Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. On Thursday, many of the student body and staff at the high school recognized all types of cancer by wearing the colors of the cancer they were to supporting. There were signs around the school giving information of the various types of cancer and what color represents that particular cancer. This event was organized by Mrs. McAllister's 6th period Health class.

National Yearbook Program of Excellence
Schools that continually strive to create a great yearbook for their students deserve to be recognized. We understand that a great yearbook program doesn't just happen, and we're dedicated to helping schools strengthen theirs.
The National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award has been created to recognize those who excel in the creation and distribution of their yearbook, and meet the following criteria:
A Meaningful Book for All Students
A book that means something to all students and includes a vast majority of the student body.
A Book in Every Student's Hands
Schools put so much time, effort and love into their yearbook. We want to help ensure that as many students as possible get to enjoy the masterpiece that's created.
Effective Project Management
Meeting the yearbook deadlines is a very important part of the yearbook creation process, and ensures the delivery of books on time.
We're proud to announce that Crestwood High School is one of this year's recipients of the National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award.  
Great job, Mrs. Schwade and the yearbook staff!

Homebase is an advisory time all 7-12 students have each day from 11:23 - 11:39. During this time teachers and students are engaged in a variety of activities that include physical activity, team building, small group discussion, and academic interventions. Sometimes, this time is "downtime" for students to take a break and visit with friends.

Some of the outcomes of Homebase:
    • The purpose is to provide a place where teachers and students may have a more intimate conversation that are not driven by content 

    • Mentoring to build relationships and help guide career / future educational future plans

    • Be a go-to person for students... a teacher the student can go to if they have a social, academic, and/or emotional need for guidance and help

    • Provide an academic intervention time to meet individual student needs - this is a time where all teachers do not have a scheduled class so they are available to assist students who may need extra help or have questions

    • Time built in the day for groups to meet (FFA, team, club, and activity meetings) that does not take away from class time

Emergency Crisis Management Drills

This past week students participated in Bus Evacuation Drills. During the drill all students evacuated the bus out the front, out the back, and then out the nearest exit. The bus evacuation drill is just one of many drills students practice throughout the school year. Earlier this year we have practiced a fire drill and tornado drill. Throughout the school year we will also practice evacuation of building drills, lockdown, and shelter-in-place drills.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Below you will find the instructions to sign up for Spring Conferences, which will be held November 1 and November 3, 2016 from 3:30 – 7:30.  

Parents may begin signing up for conferences on Thursday October 20, 2016 after 9 AM.

Student Led Conferences will be 10 minutes in length with 5 minutes of passing time.

Students/parents/guardians will meet with the student’s Homebase Advisor.  If a parent would like to meet with a specific teacher, separate arrangements can be made by contacting that teacher directly, or by stopping into that teacher's classroom to meet with them between their scheduled conferences. Teachers will have a conference schedule posted outside their door so parents will have an idea of available times.


Under the Parent Information Tab select Secondary Conferences

  1. LOGIN:
Enter the student’s first name and last name and the student’s ID for the password. You can find the student ID by logging into PowerSchool – Choose eRegistration from the menu on the left and the STUDENT ID is on the top of the page behind the student name.  If you do not remember your password you can click on the link “Forgot password?” and have your password emailed to you.  Students also know their student ID so you can ask them.

Click the button next to the student Homebase Teacher to schedule or change an appointment.  Click on the circle next to the time you would like for your conference.  A red X indicates a time slot that is not available.  After choosing your time, press “Schedule Time” at the bottom of the page.  You will then see a confirmation of your time scheduled.

If you have any questions or problems with the conference scheduling, please call the main office: High School: 563-547-2764 Junior High: 563-547-2001

Frequently Asked Questions: Student-Led Conferences

Why do we have Student-Led Conferences?

They are widely recognized as best educational practice! Research supports the fact that student achievement increases when students reflect on their work, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set goals, thus taking ownership of their learning. Student-Led Conferences promote self-confidence, as well as vital organizational, presentation, and communication skills. They also provide parents with an opportunity to celebrate their students as learners. Student-Led Conferences support district goals, strategic plan initiatives and state employability standards.

What is a parent's role during the Student-Led Conference?

Encourage your student. Be specific in your praise, comments, and compliments. Listen to what your student is saying and ask follow up questions like What part of this assignment was challenging for you? Why? What did you learn from this assignment? How can I help you with your goal?

Respect your student’s ability to lead and share. Your student has spent a lot of time and effort getting ready to present their work to you. Allow them to guide you through the Student-Led Conference.

Be proud! Your student’s ability to take ownership of their progress and present their goals to you is impressive.

What is the student's role during the Student-Led Conference?

Your student will be leading the conference. They will be presenting you with a collection of their work. As they show your specific assignments and assessments, they will be reflecting on their progress, and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Your student will share the goals that they have developed based on the reflection process.

What is the teacher’s role during the Student-Led Conference?

The teachers have spent the past month preparing your student and teaching the skills necessary for the conference. During the conference the teacher will be providing encouragement and affirmation to the students. The teacher may help facilitate the process with your student or provide additional information about your student’s progress. 

Can I meet with the teacher(s) privately at another time?

Yes. The teachers are always available throughout the school year for individual conferences if you have concerns that you wish to address. Call or e-mail your student’s teacher(s) at any time to set up an appointment. We also encourage student/parent access to PowerSchool where grades and student progress can be monitored on a frequent basis. 

October 28, 2016 Preschool & Elementary

PK-6 Principal
Sara Grimm
Twitter: saramarleygrimm
SKYPE: saramarleygrimm

Dear Parents and Students,
Help! I don't know anything about what my child is telling me...
We encourage our students to go home and tell their parents about what they are doing in their classrooms. Our goal is for parents to feel informed, and involved. Your children are excited about what they are doing. Students may be going home and talking about things like Skype, Showbie, Google Docs, YouTube, Eduvision, iMovie, Spheros, coding, and robots . . . the list goes on.  Do these conversations leave you scratching your head and wondering what is going on?

Your personal experience with school and education is probably very different from what is happening in our classrooms today. You may also be wondering, "Is my child getting a great education or is this technology stuff just something to entertain them?"

Well . . .Education Has Changed

In the past, teachers may have taught a lesson and the students then completed a worksheet to practice their new learning or a quiz to show that they had mastered the material. The graded worksheets and quizzes then came home and you, as a parent, had a feel for what was happening in the classroom. This is probably the system that you grew up with and are used to. The problem lies in the fact that these are 20th century methods and we are well into the 21st century and we need to prepare our students for life in the future. 

Our mission at Howard-Winn is to prepare and empower our students 
to think creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally. 

You may have heard or read our mission statement before. We take this mission very seriously. We need to prepare our students for their future, whether it be in Northeast Iowa, the Midwest, or somewhere else. There are core skills we are working to build in our students to help them be successful. Collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving are skills, which we work to build in our students to help them thrive in the world. Teachers work every day to create lessons that reflect our Howard-Winn Design Essentials.

Our students have spent their entire lives surrounded by technology with information at their fingertips. Technology that is integrated into our daily teaching presents us with great opportunities to personalize the educational experience for our students. We have noticed a tremendous positive impact on learning when students are allowed to engage with content, analyze what they are reading, construct their own knowledge, question what they are learning, and communicate their knowledge. Technology integration provides many of these opportunities.

We are working to build 21st century classrooms for our learners:
  • a multimedia environment for learning core content (websites, video chats, digital resources, apps) 
  • the promotion of essential learning and innovation skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity) 
  • building knowledge & information through the integration of media and technology skills in the context of the classroom environment 
Our 21st century classrooms are building a strong foundation in the core subjects for our students. So the next time your child comes home excitedly talking about the Skype session that they had or the new app that they used on their iPad, please take the time to talk to them about what they are learning, doing, and creating in class. Their learning will astound you!

What Does Your Child's READING ABILITY Mean for Their Future?

Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-Up
Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, November 1 and Thursday, November 3. Times for conferences are from 2:30-8:00 each night. Conferences will be 15 minutes in length with a 5-minute transition time between conferences. If you haven't signed up for conferences please contact Linda Middlebrook at 563-547-2340 at the Elementary/JH office.

We Want You to . . . invite a Veteran to Lunch

Crestwood Elementary Schools would like to honor our Veterans by hosting a special lunch in their honor. Students are being asked to invite a veteran that they know to have lunch with them at school. This event will be held on Friday, November 11th during the student’s regularly scheduled lunchtime. A note will be sent home on Monday with all elementary students containing details. We hope to see many Veterans here for us to thank and honor at lunch that day.

Weather Alerts, School Delays and Closures
As we move into the winter weather season, keeping informed about weather conditions and school closures is a priority. If road conditions are in question, we will always start with a 2 hour delay. The two hour late start gives us time to completely evaluate the situation. The goal is to have "2 hour late starts" announced prior to 6:00 a.m.  

How will this be communicated? You have several options:
Twitter at #2020HowardWinn (Instantly know!)
School Messenger: This is an option you can subscribe to in PowerSchool. It will give you the option to receive an email, text message or voice mail to your phone. You may call the office at the elementary if you have questions (563-547-2300).
IOWA SCHOOL ALERTS HAS CHANGED: If you used to receive notification in the past please sign up with the new system Go to: to subscribe.

Area TV and Radio station will also be notified. Please note that if you use a text service from a TV station it may be as much as 30 minutes lag time from when they post it and when it is announced on Social Media.

Substitute Teachers and Associates Needed
Do you like working with children and helping them learn? Do you enjoy working in a high-energy, creative learning/working environment? If your answer is "YES," we need you! Howard-Winn is looking for substitute teachers and associates to work in our classrooms. In the absence of the regular classroom teacher or associate, substitutes would be helping students to learn subject matter and/or skills  required for curriculum lessons and providing meaningful instruction for our students in their classrooms. If interested please submit a letter of application and a resume to Superintendent, 1000 Schroder Drive, Cresco, IA 52136

Classroom Redemption Collection
The Crestwood Cadet PTO continues to sponsor a Classroom Redemption Collection. Students are encouraged to ask friends, neighbors and out of town and in town relatives to start collecting on their behalf.  Funds raised from these efforts are used to purchase materials, supplies, and other things for the building and students.  Please be generous in your support for our PTO.

Here's what we've been up to this week . . .

The preschoolers continued learning about fire safety. We became fire safety detectives by
walking around our school building counting the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. Most classrooms in our school building have 3 smoke detectors, 1 fire extinguisher, and 7 sprinklers. We were also excited to see a fire hydrant right outside our preschool building. Check out these fire safety experts: 

Mrs. Tieskoetter found a pumpkin in her pumpkin patch that was still green. The preschoolers predicted that the pumpkin would turn orange and are using their math skills to graph how many days it will take. Our pumpkin is getting really close to being completely orange. We are hoping it will be all orange by Halloween. We also had a white pumpkin donated to our school. The preschoolers are carefully observing this pumpkin to see if it will turn orange too!

Transitional Kindergarten

Students have been exploring vocabulary terms related to our study of machines. They have talked about input, output, stimulus, and behavior. They explored how to get the Ozobots to follow the marker path and change color. Students tried creating their own paths. Trial and error helped them see what would work best. 

Book shares are an important part of our classroom day. Books are shared in large group, small groups, and with peers. Students learn they can retell familiar stories and read the pictures.


Working on counting and number recognition.

Listening to stories during center time

Kindergarten and Third Grade friends met together to work on a "Stomp out bullying" poster

First Grade

Working with sight words in first grade

Finding the missing letter in the sight word

First grade word work

 We were scientists who investigated properties of WATER! We observed that WATER: moves, is clear, things can sink/float, is wet, is cold (but can be heated up), can be a solid, liquid, gas, dissolves, evaporates, travels, etc.

Second Grade

We've had some excitement in our classroom! Our caterpillars have decided they've eaten enough and are ready to move on. Many have crawled to the top of their container and have suspended themselves from the lid. We have 5 in their chrysalis form with others getting ready. Now we wait!

Students learned a new app, Scribble Press, where they can create their own books. To begin, students wrote about the person they knew the most, themselves. These books will be shared to their Seesaw account when they're done.

We have been working on the reader's theater piece for I Need My Monster. 
We have really been working on reading with expression.

We have been studying the story, "I Need My Monster". 
Students were able to listen to the story on their iPad. 
Here is a link for you to enjoy the story too!

Third Grade
Practicing plays is a great way to practice our fluency.

A visit by our local sheriff to present red ribbons for Red Ribbon week

Working on a sentence sorting activity

Working on our adaptation puppets

Fourth Grade

Constructing an EV3 robot. Creative technology!

This week is Red Ribbon Week! Sheriff, Mike Miner, came into our classroom to talk about the significance of this week and how important these red ribbons are! He gave every student and staff member their very own red ribbon!

Students played Kahoot before our science test

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Bohr revisits @train_ugly philosophy of "struggling " to grow.

Cadet Pride earned us a pajama day.

Students gather data for a math experiment on landmarks

In Science we're exploring how the sun’s path changes with the time of the year. Students will learn that on summer days the sun comes up earlier, rises higher in the midday sky, and sets later than it does in winter.  If you find that your child is curious when the sun rises and sets, Google now provides sunrise and sunset times simply by typing "sunrise" and "sunset" in Google. Many weather apps for smartphones (such as iPhone) also feature this information included with the day's forecast.

Book club discussion of Everest 

Sixth Grade

Using Google Slides to gather information on the Paleolithic Period.

Students are completing a digital plot diagram after watching the Disney Pixar short "For the Birds."

Students are finding narrative elements in a mentor piece of writing.  They are also practicing "reading like a writer," where they analyze how the author writes a piece.

Using rock, paper, scissors competition to practice ratios and prevents

In social studies this week, we have traveled back in time to the Stone Age.  We have been investigating the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods.  We have been using our skimming and connect and apply nonfiction reading strategies to research different aspects of each period.  We have been gathering background information on each period and organizing our research using graphic organizers in Google slides.  

As we investigated the Paleolithic Periods, we took a virtual field trip to the famous Lascaux Cave in France.  We engaged in lengthy discussions on why the early humans used cave art.  We read articles on different theories that historians developed on the reason behind the cave art.  Our new academic vocabulary word, theory, helped us understand that historians make "educated guesses" about the past due to the fact that during the early periods of human existence there was no written word.  We discussed how historians really use their inferring skills. We showcased our observations on our class Padlet.

The end of the week consisted of comparing and contrasting these two time periods.  We examined our notes and used a Venn diagram to compare these two periods.  Our final activity of the week was a simulation that showcased how farming influenced the way people lived and helped humans move toward our first civilizations.  


Trooper Williams took time out of his busy schedule to come share
with students about bus safety.

We practiced bus evacuations

Lots of creativity for the annual Decorate a Pumpkin Like a Book Character contest.

Our Kindergarten Concert--Great Job Mr. Bieber & Kindergarteners


November 1        One Hour Early Dismissal; P-T Conferences 4:00-8:00
November 3        One Hour Early Dismissal; P-T Conferences 4:00-8:00
November 4         NO SCHOOL