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October 21, 2016 - Crestwood Secondary

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12) 
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Chris Rogne, Principal
office: 563-547-2764
Twitter: @chris_rogne

Events for the Week of October 22nd - 28th:  

Saturday, October 22nd:
              All State Music Auditions @ Hampton

Monday, October 24th:                       

Tuesday, October 25th:
               NEIC Student Leadership Day in New Hampton
7:45        7-8 Staff Meeting in Mr. Wiley's Room
9:00        9-12 Success Team Meeting

Wednesday, October 26th: 
               Wear Red Day - Sponsored by HEROES
1:45        7-8 Success Team Meeting   

Thursday, October 27th:

Friday, October 28th:           
               Pep Rally for the Football Team and State Cross Country Runners   
7:30        Home Play-off Varsity Football vs. TBD

Cross Country

The Boys and Girls Cross Country teams competed in the 3A State Qualifying Meet in Decorah on Thursday.  The Cadet Girls placed 5th and the Cadet boys placed 4th.

Congratulations to the individuals who qualified for the state meet:  Ellie Friesen (3rd), Hope Dohlman (10th), and Michael Mashek (9th). They will run at the State Meet in Fort Dodge on Saturday, October 29th.

Parent Teacher Conferences


Below you will find the instructions to sign up for Spring Conferences, which will be held November 1 and November 3, 2016 from 3:30 – 7:30.  

Parents may begin signing up for conferences on Thursday October 20, 2016 after 9 AM.

** Student Led Conferences will be 10 minutes in length with 5 minutes of passing time.

Students/parents/guardians will meet with the student’s Homebase Advisor.  If a parent would like to meet with a specific teacher, separate arrangements can be made by contacting that teacher directly, or by stopping into that teacher's classroom to meet with them between their scheduled conferences. Teachers will have a conference schedule posted outside their door so parents will have an idea of available times.


Under the Parent Information Tab select Secondary Conferences

  1. LOGIN:
Enter the student’s first name and last name and the student’s ID for the password. You can find the student ID by logging into PowerSchool – Choose eRegistration from the menu on the left and the STUDENT ID is on the top of the page behind the student name.  If you do not remember your password you can click on the link “Forgot password?” and have your password emailed to you.  Students also know their student ID so you can ask them.

Click the button next to the student Homebase Teacher to schedule or change an appointment.  Click on the circle next to the time you would like for your conference.  A red X indicates a timeslot that is not available.  After choosing your time, press “Schedule Time” at the bottom of the page.  You will then see a confirmation of your time scheduled.

If you have any questions or problems with the conference scheduling, please call the main office: High School: 563-547-2764 Junior High: 563-547-2001

Frequently Asked Questions: Student-Led Conferences

Why do we have Student-Led Conferences?

They are widely recognized as best educational practice! Research supports the fact that student achievement increases when students reflect on their work, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set goals, thus taking ownership of their learning. Student-Led Conferences promote self-confidence, as well as vital organizational, presentation, and communication skills. They also provide parents with an opportunity to celebrate their students as learners. Student-Led Conferences support district goals, strategic plan initiatives and state employability standards.

What is a parent's role during the Student-Led Conference?

Encourage your student. Be specific in your praise, comments, and compliments. Listen to what your student is saying and ask follow up questions like What part of this assignment was challenging for you? Why? What did you learn from this assignment? How can I help you with your goal?

Respect your student’s ability to lead and share. Your student has spent a lot of time and effort getting ready to present their work to you. Allow them to guide you through the Student-Led Conference.

Be proud! Your student’s ability to take ownership of their progress and present their goals to you is impressive.

What is the student's role during the Student-Led Conference?

Your student will be leading the conference. They will be presenting you with a collection of their work. As they show your specific assignments and assessments, they will be reflecting on their progress, and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Your student will share the goals that they have developed based on the reflection process.

What is the teacher’s role during the Student-Led Conference?

The teachers have spent the past month preparing your student and teaching the skills necessary for the conference. During the conference the teacher will be providing encouragement and affirmation to the students. The teacher may help facilitate the process with your student or provide additional information about your student’s progress. 

Can I meet with the teacher(s) privately at another time?

Yes. The teachers are always available throughout the school year for individual conferences if you have concerns that you wish to address. Call or e-mail your student’s teacher(s) at any time to set up an appointment. We also encourage student/parent access to PowerSchool where grades and student progress can be monitored on a frequent basis. 

Wear Red Day

Hello Crestwood High School! 
October 26th is “Wear Red Day.” “Wear Red Day” is encouraging students / athletes / teachers to stay AWAY from drugs. Next week the HEROES (Helping Explain the Risk of Every Substance) club will be participating in cutting out red ribbons and hanging one on student lockers. The HEROES club will also be participating in “Cupping the Fence” which means we will be using Solo cups on the highway 9 fence spreading some news about being drug and alcohol free. Hope to see you’re red gear October 26th!

Class 2A District 2 Football Standings

Last Updated: Saturday, October 15, 2016

Congratulations Cadets! Class 2A District 2 Champions

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