Friday, October 14, 2016

Terese Jurgensen ~ Director of Student Services ~ October 14, 2016

Friday nights have been exciting at home and away as Cadet fans have gathered to cheer on and celebrate the Cadet football team! It has been super fun to watch the Cadets battle their way to an undefeated conference season and an overall 5 wins and 2 losses. Over the course of this last week, I have had several conversations with the football players and a growth mindset is evident. Comments such as "We are taking each game one at a time, and we will work hard. As a team, we are going for the win." was one such comment and another was, "We are a team, and we want to win as a team." It's inspiring and Cadet Pride is seen and felt in the school and community. Pictured here are the fans as they wait for the final minutes of the game to wind down last Friday, October 7th against Garner-Hayfield who was ranked 9th before playing the Cadets. After this win, the Cadets are ranked 8th in the state and are believing and working hard to make it to the dome. Another positive is that this has been a fun football season for the Howard-Winneshiek communities. One can feel the excitement and expectation in the air as Cadets are cheered on.  Equally important and exciting on Friday nights are watching and enjoying the exploits and awesome sound of our marching band, flags, and cheerleaders. All of these components make for a fun, fall season building the excitement, spirit, and expectation of community pride. This Friday, the Cadets will be traveling to take on Clear Lake. It should be a good contest for the team. One of the young men told me this week, "They might be a good team, and we are not going to overlook them, but we expect to win!" 


Iowa Department of Education Director, 
Dr. Ryan Wise visits Howard-Winneshiek

Sara Grimm, Elementary Principal, sent out this tweet on Wednesday, October 12th when Dr. Wise was touring the elementary building and sharing with some elementary Cadets!
On the high school side, I had the honor of touring the secondary building with Dr. Wise and Mr. Carver introducing him to teachers and students. I was impressed with how kind Dr. Wise was during this time, but more importantly his curiosity and line of questions to teachers and students. He was deeply interested in what students and staff had to say and it was inspiring. Here are some photos from his tour at the high school. 

Mrs. Lentz and Dr. Wise discussed the many areas that she oversees for our secondary students. She discussed with him our online programs, unit and credit recovery systems, and the multiple avenues we allow our students to learn and expand their course offerings and individual interests. Quite honestly, my heart may have expanded twice its size for our Success Team and for all that they do for kids. It also deepened my respect for Mrs. Lentz all she does for our students at Crestwood High School.

To the right and below, Dr. Wise interacts with eighth
grade students in Nick Ferrie's introduction to manufacturing classes. Dr. Wise spent a lot of time interacting with Mr. Ferrie and the students who had created racing cars that they would begin programming later in the week and then next Tuesday will race each other to see which team built the best car! Again, I was so impressed with Mr. Ferrie's passion and knowledge of STEM that he shares with students. The students had a great time speaking with Dr. Wise, answering his questions and showing him what they had created. I am hoping to see the cars race next Tuesday, so I can share it on my weekly update! 

To the right, Chris Lentz shows Dr. Wise the manufacturing lab with the CNC printer, mold injector and other fascinating experiences Crestwood High School students can experience. Again, I have to say that as I listened to Chris Lentz explain all opportunities afforded our students here at school and also at NICC, where Mr. Lentz teaches college-level technical trades, I was blown away. It is truly amazing what is happening in our classrooms each day, and I know Dr. Wise was extremely impressed. I was also impressed with how Chris Lentz made mention of the importance of Perkins Funds which help purchase the equipment that makes these opportunities possible. Super!                                                                          

In the picture to the left, Tanya Riehle, secondary art teacher, shares with Ryan Wise the multiple course offerings Crestwood students enjoy. I learned something new, that during any period of the day, Mrs. Riehle teaches multiple courses each class period. I had no idea and Dr. Wise was super impressed. He was truly amazed at the number of course offerings and opportunities given to our students. Equally impressive was the number of students that go on to post-secondary opportunities in community, state and private colleges.                                                  

Dr. Wise gets an opportunity to see the interactive, fun learning that takes place in Spanish I with Libby Schwade. Later, he and Mrs. Schwade were able to talk about the method of teaching Spanish that our students enjoy each day in her classes. Super fun!


 Congratulations Cadet Marching Band!!!!!

Social Thinking ~ Social Emotional Learning

This is a poster that we will be utilizing across the district helping students learn to problem solve. It is created by Social Thinking and helps students visually see problems, the true nature or size of the problem, as well as how to gage their reactions. Social-Emotional learning is a critically important part of our curriculum because it impacts our students today and throughout their lives. Teaching social-emotional skills is a critical part of the Iowa Core and can be found under 21st Century Skills. I want to give a Shout Out to all of our excellent staff teaching these important skills every day!


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