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JCC Admin Update 12/23/2016

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
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Howard-Winneshiek is a very special place! 

As we work to transform teaching and learning so as to empower and prepare CADETS for the 21st century, THE guiding principle is that ALL LEARNING is grounded in relationships.  

The design and intention of "HOMEBASE" at Crestwood Secondary School is to create this foundation of support.

There is no other period of history harder to be a kid than right now. Our young people are our most strategic, and treasured, resources. Positive relationships inspires hope, amplifies creativity, and assures us, young and old, we are not alone. Relationships are the seeds of strength that grow into the courage to explore, attempt, fail, succeed and accomplish.

Happy Holidays to All! Rest, Relax, Recharge and get ready for 2017!   

Looking back and looking forward...
Pausing but a second, to look back over our shoulder, the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District has come a long way, in five short years.  

Through challenges and accomplishments, CADET NATION has moved forward to the goal, that the class of 2020 be the best prepared, most recruited kids on the planet. 

This picture of the class of 2020, taken in front of the one room school house Norman Borlaug attended, was the starting point. 

These young people, now Crestwood freshman, are the hope of the world! I am convinced that in this picture are many "Norman Borlaugs'" and that they will go out into the world and make a difference.  

Today, learners at Howard-Winn are globally connected. Technology is seamlessly embedded into learning and our students are quickly moving from being consumers of content to creators of content. Every aspect of CADET NATION beginning with visionary leadership from the Board of Education, to the courage of the teachers and principals to embrace change, on through to the support staff: custodians, buildings, grounds, cooks, transportation, all give courage and contribute to the culture of change.

On the horizon are continued challenges: funding, student enrollment, and ever accelerating change. But also on the horizon are opportunities to create, achieve and accomplish. It does not take money to think, and the fear of "what might be" does not even compare to what together we will create "what will be"! 

We are blessed to be living in CADET NATION, IOWA and the United States of America.

At their December meeting the Board of Education took the next step on the Stadium Project by awarding bids to contractors. Howard-Winn is VERY excited that Cresco Building Services, Mehmert Tiling, Mracek Electric and See Electric are on board and a part of the project!

As a follow up, the Board took additional action on December 19, approving Musco Lighting for the stadium at a cost of $158,093. This brings the total cost to $1,771,940. It needs to be noted that the track will be resurfaced in July in the next budget cycle at an estimated cost of $100,000. Funding for these projects are coming from PPEL and SAVE dollars and do not affect school tax rates.  

Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like...

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