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JCC Admin Update Dec. 2, 2016

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
Office: 563-547-2762
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Community Service
Saturday, November 12th the Crestwood Basketball team, and a few friends, assisted the Cresco Chamber in putting up the Christmas decorations.  In the picture from left to right:  Jason Passmore, Dalton Scheidel, Isaiah Passmore, John Henry, Colten Wiley, Kristian Szajna, Boston Ferrie, Zackary Lane, Alex Kerian, Colby Frazier and Ryan McCarville.  Assisting but not pictured were Jordan Girolamo, Rick McCarville and Spiff Slifka.
CADETS making a difference!  THANK YOU! 

CADET NATION: On the Horizon
Over the past three weeks, on the National and State level, Howard-Winn has been part of the conversation on what next generation schools will look like.  What has been created at Howard-Winn: determining kids' passions, connecting passion to professions, building GRIT and Growth Mindset along with infusing technology into learning, connecting students locally and globally, we sometime believe this is happening everywhere. It is not. 

Factoring in our relationship with Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), Howard-Winn students have opportunities most American students do not have.  We are making operational what most are still talking about. 

Charter Schools, Vouchers, and the Common / Iowa CORE
President-elect Trump's nominee for the U.S. Department of Education Secretary is Betsy DeVoss. Ms. DeVoss is committed to  “empower” parents to find good schools for their children, whether they be traditional public schools in other neighborhoods, charter schools, virtual schools or private institutions."  Charter Schools and vouchers will change "schools" in larger urban areas, but I do not see it affecting Howard-Winneshiek much.

Open Enrollment legislation in Iowa already addresses school choice.  Through Open Enrollment, Iowa parents have a choice as to where to send their children to school, and the funding follows the student.  Charter Schools will occur in dense urban populations but not to a large degree in rural Iowa. 

Specifically in CADET NATION it may mean that vouchers/funding may go to private religious schools like Notre Dame. But the thing to keep in mind is that Notre Dame students eventually become Crestwood Cadets!  

The Common CORE was an attempt to set standards of "what is it we want kids to know and be able to do"? In Iowa, Common CORE was modified and rebranded as the Iowa CORE. After much debate in Iowa, the SMARTER Balance test was designated as the assessment to determine what kids know.  This was a step away from the Iowa Assessments we all have been taking for years.  So the question becomes if the Common CORE is struck down, what does that mean for Iowa and also what assessments will Iowa kids take?  Those decisions and discussion will be be a focus in the upcoming Legislative session. My concern as Superintendent is that the SMARTER Balance tests will cost the District $10+ per student more than the current Iowa Assessments.  The question is where will the money come from?

School Funding for 2017-18
It is being projected that an increase in funding for schools for 2016-17 may be 0% to 2% and that this may well be the level not only for 2017-18 but also 2018-19. This will impact every school district in Iowa.  State funding is based on "student head count"  and this fall Howard-Winn was down three students, the smallest enrollment change in 10 years. A 2% increase will not cover increases in operational costs and wages. It is projected the district will again be eating into reserves.  

Going Forward
As mentioned, Howard-Winn students are being prepared and are receiving an excellent education, second to none.  The commitment and dedication of the staff is inspiring. The challenges ahead also will bring opportunities that we must look for by thinking outside the box. More information will follow. CADETS FORWARD!

Stadium Update
Tuesday, December 6th at 2:00 is the bid opening for the Stadium Project.  Low Bidders will be scheduled for interview by ESTES Construction Management TEAM to ensure vendors understand and can complete the scope of work. ESTES will forward to me a letter of recommendation for the School Board to act upon at the December 12th Board meeting. The BEAT goes on!

Tuesday, December 6th, "2 for the price of one!" 
Come be a part of the action: Two EXCITING events at the same time, one price for admission: CADET Girls Basketball vs. Decorah (Crestwood Gym) AND CADET WRESTLING Dual with Osage (K-8 Gym). 

  • How about the CADET Girls Basketball TEAM? OMG! They are off to a GREAT start! Fun to watch these young ladies in action.
  • C*A*D*E*T Cheerleaders GOOD LUCK in your competition in Des Moines Saturday. 
  • CADET Boys Basketball is "rocking and rolling". Unlimited potential.
  • CADET Wrestling has begun competition!  Best of LUCK at the Independence Tournament this weekend. State caliber competition here we come!  
  • MADRIGAL Dinner is around the corner, starting December 10th. A Holiday Tradition, great song and fantastic food!
Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like.........

What is coming up?
Monday, December 5
 Holiday Band Concert @ CHS
Tuesday, December 6
 4:15 pm 7/8 grade Wrestling at New Hampton
 7th grade GBB vs Decorah (T) & 8th grade GBB only - rescheduled to 12/9 (H)
 JV/V GBB vs Decorah (H) - No 9th grade GBB due to numbers
 Varsity Wrestling Dual vs Osage at CJH
Thursday, December 8
 7th grade GBB vs Charles City (H) & 8th grade GBB (T)
 JV/V Wrestling Dual vs Decorah (H) Senior Night
 Holiday Concert (5th & 6th grade) @ CHS
Friday, December 9
 Madrigal Set-up
 8th GBB vs Decorah (H) rescheduled from 12/6/16
 9/JV/V BBB vs Charles City (H)
 9/JV/V GBB vs Charles City (T)
Saturday, December 10
 Varsity Wrestling Tournament at Oelwein
 Madrigal Rehersal
 Madrigal Performance at Heritage Events Center

Sunday, December 11
 Madrigal Performance at Heritage Events Center
 Madrigal Performance at Heritage 

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