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JCC Admin Update Jan. 13, 2017

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
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Students are back learning and creating!  
The engagement and focus of our students constantly amazes and excites me. Their creativity and imagination is inspiring.  

Capturing ideas at Howard-Winn is not limited to "pencil and paper", but uses multiple technologies. The goal of expression is not limited!  


Iowa Secretary of Agricultural visits CADET NATION
Last Thursday Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey visited Northeast Iowa.

Stopping at the Cresco Area Chamber of Commerce’s Welcome Center, secretary Northey met with area resident community leaders. This included members from the Crestwood Future Farmers of America Chapter. 

Amber Hinck, Alex Trouten, and Kandise Hauber all had an opportunity to met with Secretary Northey and contribute to the conversation. 

Funding and Structure of Iowa Education is about to change
Last Thursday Board members Toni Johnson and Todd Hill, Board Secretary and Business Manager Clint Farlinger and I attended the Iowa Association of School Board (IASB) negotiation workshop in Cedar Rapids. In many ways it was an affirmation of what we already knew, deep, dramatic change in school structure and funding is coming.  

Iowa Code addressing the funding of schools as well as employment and negotiation laws will be examined. It should be noted that new laws regarding these matters, if passed, would go into effect immediately.  

2% allowable growth is what is being shared as a possibility for the upcoming school year. Funding for the transportation of rural kids will be discussed but I believe it will not go forward in this session.  

The district acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff of Howard-Winn. Together we are the funding for schools along with protocols and procedures for employment are going to be decided in Des Moines. Those decisions will effect us. 

Going forward it is important to stay calm, don't get excited, and know we will get through this together. Howard-Winn is as well positioned financially as any rural Iowa school district. Historically our strength has been our ability to work together and figure things out. That strength and collaboration will serve as well in the days and weeks to come.  

We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational software company, in order to learn more about our students’ school and home technology use for learning. 

For that reason, we are reaching out to ask you to take part in the Clarity questionnaire. Your participation is essential in helping us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning in your students’ lives. Please know that all of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy.

Howard-Winn students, staff and patrons will begin taking the online BrightBytes, Clarity questionnaire starting the week of January 23rd. The link will be provided. THANK YOU to all for your participation and cooperation. 

TLC Instructional Coaches from NE IOWA were hosted by the Howard-Winn TEAM. Heather Suckow, Kim Kerian and Kelly Sorenson "opened the doors" and shared the Howard-Winn story. CADET NATION FORWARD! 

Rural Route Radio came to Howard-Winn!
Last week Rural Route Radio personality Trent Loos was at Crestwood Secondary school.

Mr. Loos spoke with students on the importance of agriculture and how the American farmer is feeding the world.   

He also spoke on the importance of proper diet and consumption of water. Fats, proteins and water are crucial foods for your brain. 

It was GREAT having Mr. Loos here at Crestwood High School. 

Beginning, Middle and End
I learned a long time ago that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Five years ago the Howard-Winneshiek Board of Education gave Pam and I an opportunity to move to Northeast Iowa and become a part of CADET NATION. Their charge to me at that time as to move Howard-Winn forward into the 21st century creating an educational system that identified kid's passions and strengths. The goal was that the class of 2020, now in 9th grade, be the best prepared kids on the planet. We are well on our way to hit that mark.

Despite a climate of declining enrollment and funding challenges, Howard-Winn has moved forward. Closing Elma and Lime Springs-Chester schools, embedding technology into instruction, reducing staff, HARD decisions have been made and action taken.  

The bottom line is that Howard-Winn has transformed itself. We "stepped through the looking glass" and today there are no better prepared young people on the planet. Howard-Winn is now nationally recognized for being innovative and for being the "edge of the cutting edge".  

Elected government officials, college professors, business leaders, educators from across the United States, now look on Howard-Winn as the template of 21st century teaching and learning. CADET NATION is on the move!

That all being said, last Monday I submitted, and the Board accepted, my letter of resignation effective June 30, 2017. 

On July 1, 2017 I will begin the next chapter of my professional life by assuming the roles and responsibilities of Chief Digital Learning and Innovation Officer (CDLIO) for the Maury County Public School, Maury County, Tennessee.

I want to thank the Board of Education that in 2012 brought Pam and I to Howard-Winneshiek, and the current Board of Education for your support, wisdom and guidance. I would also like to thank the young people, teachers, support staff, and patrons. Together we have accomplished much.

Look what is happening at Howard-Winn this week!
Monday, January 16
 4:15 pm 7/8 grade Wrestling at Sumner-Fredericksburg in the Middle School
 Dorian Vocal Festival @ Luther College
 9/JV/V BBB vs PDC (T)
 Band Booster Meeting in CHS Band Room
Tuesday, January 17
 4:15 pn 7/8 grade Wrestling at Charles City
 9th GBB at Fillmore Central
 Choir Booster Meeting
Thursday, January 19
 7th grade BBB vs Charles City (H) & 8th grade BBB (T)
 JV/V Wrestling Dual at Oelwein
Friday, January 20
 9/JV/V BBB vs Charles City (T)
 9/JV/V GBB vs Charles City (H) - Cheerleaders perform at halftime
Saturday, January 21
 District Large Group Speech Contest
 Varsity Wrestling Duals vs WSR (T)
 9/JV/V GBB vs North Fayette (T)
 Rescheduled to 2//6/17 - 9/JV/V 

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