Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017 - Crestwood Secondary

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)

Events for the week of February 4th - February 10th:  

Saturday, February 4th:      
                  Meistersinger HS Honor Band Festival @ Wartburg College
                  State Large Group Speech Contest @ Dubuque
12:00         Varsity Sectional Wrestling @ New Hampton
3:00           Home 9th Girls BB vs. Caledonia Area 
4:15           Home JV Girls BB vs. Caledonia Area 
5:30           Home Varsity Girls BB vs. Caledonia Area 

Sunday, February 5th:
                  Meistersinger HS Honor Band Festival @ Wartburg
8:00           Choir Booster Omelette Breakfast                 

Monday, February 6th: 
                  No School - Teacher In-Service
5:00           JV Wrestling Tournament @ Decorah
5:00           9th grade Boys BB @ New Hampton
5:00           Home 9th grade Girls BB vs. New Hampton
6:15           Home JV Girls BB vs. New Hampton
6:15           JV Boys BB @ New Hampton
7:30           Home Varsity Girls BB vs. New Hampton
7:30           Varsity Boys BB @ New Hampton

Tuesday, February 7th:  
9:00           High School Success Team Meeting
4:15           7th Grade Boys BB @ Waukon
4:15           Home 8th Grade BB vs. Waukon
6:00           Regional Wrestling @ TBD                  

Wednesday, February 8th:      
1:45           JH Success Team Meeting

Thursday, February 9th:
2:30           Alternative Program Meeting
4:15           Home 7th grade Boys BB vs. Waverly-Shell Rock
4:15           8th grade Boys BB @ Waverly-Shell Rock
5:00           9th grade Girls BB @ Oelwein
5:00           Home 9th grade Boys BB vs. Oelwein
6:15           Home JV Boys BB vs. Oelwein
6:15           JV Girls BB @ Oelwein
7:30           Home Varsity Boys BB vs. Oelwein

7:30           Varsity Girls BB @ Oelwein

Friday, February 10th:     
7:00           NICC Sector Board/CTE Advisory Meeting
6:00           JV Boys BB @ Clear Lake

7:30           Varsity Boys BB @ Clear Lake

State Speech

State Speech will be held February 4th at Dubuque Senior High.

Crestwood High School is a proud member of the Iowa High School Speech Association. Each year Crestwood competes in both Large Group and Individual Events Speech Contests, with over 40 students participating! Participation in IHSSA is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in acting, singing, dancing, improvisation, oratorical skills, and ensemble performance.

What is the IHSSA?

The Iowa High School Speech Association consists of high school from four districts in Iowa. Crestwood participates in the Northeast District of Iowa. The IHSSA hosts competition in Large Group and Individual Events. At district contest, students must receive a Division I Rating to move on to State competition. At State, students must earn a Division I Rating AND receive nomination from judges to move on to All-State. 

The following have qualified and will perform at State Speech on Saturday:

Ensemble Acting  
John Ayers and Mitchell Leifeld performing "Abbott and Costello" by Jonathan Mayer
Alison Butikofer and Kayla Hruska performing "Demon Child" by Deborah Karczewski

Group Improvisation 
Team 1:
John Ayers, Mitchell Leifeld, Haley Stevenson, and Kenzie Ward

Team 2: 
Raymond Himli, Justin Holt, Zach Ishman, Cassy Kennon and Eric Trautsch

Team 3: 
Carter Dull, Dawson Gosch, Isaiah Passmore, Karissa Stika and Noel Lloyd

Best of luck to these Cadets that qualified for State Speech.

Graduation Hats

I was recently approached by a member of the Class of 2017 with the request for graduates to have the option to decorate their graduation hats for the commencement ceremony.  This would be a change from past practice.  

The student had a well articulated "argument" for why we should allow our graduates to decorate their cap to their individual liking. She contacted other schools, cited news articles, and referred to legal cases.    

This is a special day for our graduates, family, and friends. Commencement is a ceremony to celebrate the success of the class of 2017 as a whole, not for individual attention. Mortarboards with messages or decoration could interrupt the dignity of the day’s pomp and circumstance. The time for recognizing individual students is when names are called and students collect their diplomas. That is their moment we don’t want anything to draw attention away from that recognition.

We will maintain our tradition of having no signs or additions to the graduation cap.

Students who have met the standards will wear National Honor Society stoles, Academic Honor Cords, and Silver Cords for volunteer service. 

Commencement will be held at 2:00 PM on Sunday, May 21. 

NEIC Winter Sports Standings
(last updated Feb. 2nd)

January Attendance Update
We believe in positive school attendance, knowing that attending school has a huge impact on a student's academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Parents/Caregivers/Guardians play a key role in making sure students get to school safely every day and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and on the job. Research proves that if a student is not in school (excused or unexcused), these absences have a major impact on their educational progress. We do understand that "life" happens and it is a necessity to miss school, work, etc...  Family vacations, appointments, and other obligations are a necessity. Please continue to call our office and inform us of those absences and be here all other days. When a student misses a day, they really do miss a lot.  

We appreciate your support encouraging regular attendance at school.  

Our average daily attendance rate is consistent when compared to this time last year.

We do, however, have one more student enrolled in grades 7-12 than we did a year ago at this time. 581 students in the seat, compared to 580 this time last year. 

Parent / Teacher Conferences

Below you will find the instructions to sign up for Spring Conferences, which will be held February 13 and February 16, 2017 from 3:30 – 7:30. Please note: you will see alternate dates when you log in with all times blocked. These dates are for specific teachers and those teachers will communicate the alternate conference dates with their Homebase students so parents/guardians are aware.

The link for parents opened on Monday, January 30th, 2017 after 9 AM.

** Student Led Conferences will be 10 minutes in length with 5 minutes of passing time.

Students/parents/guardians will meet with the student’s Homebase Advisor. 

If a parent would like to meet with a specific teacher, separate arrangements can be made by contacting that teacher directly, or by stopping into that teacher's classroom to meet with them between their scheduled conferences.

Teachers will have a conference schedule posted outside their door so parents will have an idea of available times.



Under the Parent Information Tab select Secondary Conferences

2.             LOGIN:
Enter the student’s first name and last name and the student’s ID for the password. You can find the student ID by logging into PowerSchool – Choose eRegistration from the menu on the left and the STUDENT ID is on the top of the page behind the student name.  If you do not remember your password you can click on the link “Forgot password?” and have your password emailed to you.  Students also know their student ID so you can ask them.

3.             FOLLOW THE PROMPTS:
Click the button next to the student Homebase Teacher to schedule or change an appointment.  Click on the circle next to the time you would like for your conference.  A red X indicates a timeslot that is not available.  After choosing your time, press “Schedule Time” at the bottom of the page.  You will then see a confirmation of your time scheduled.

If you have any questions or problems with the conference scheduling, please call the main office: High School: 563-547-2764 Junior High: 563-547-2001

Frequently Asked Questions: Student-Led Conferences

Why do we have Student-Led Conferences?

They are widely recognized as best educational practice! Research supports the fact that student achievement increases when students reflect on their work, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set goals, thus taking ownership of their learning. Student-Led Conferences promote self-confidence, as well as vital organizational, presentation, and communication skills. They also provide parents with an opportunity to celebrate their students as learners. Student-Led Conferences support district goals, strategic plan initiatives and state employability standards.

What is a parent's role during the Student-Led Conference?

Encourage your student. Be specific in your praise, comments, and compliments. Listen to what your student is saying and ask follow up questions like What part of this assignment was challenging for you? Why? What did you learn from this assignment? How can I help you with your goal?

Respect your student’s ability to lead and share. Your student has spent a lot of time and effort getting ready to present their work to you. Allow them to guide you through the Student-Led Conference.

Be proud! Your student’s ability to take ownership of their progress and present their goals to you is impressive.

What is the student's role during the Student-Led Conference?

Your student will be leading the conference. They will be presenting you with a collection of their work. As they show your specific assignments and assessments, they will be reflecting on their progress, and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Your student will share the goals that they have developed based on the reflection process.

What is the teacher’s role during the Student-Led Conference?

The teachers have spent the past month preparing your student and teaching the skills necessary for the conference. During the conference the teacher will be providing encouragement and affirmation to the students. The teacher may help facilitate the process with your student or provide additional information about your student’s progress. 

Can I meet with the teacher(s) privately at another time?

Yes. The teachers are always available throughout the school year for individual conferences if you have concerns that you wish to address. Call or e-mail your student’s teacher(s) at any time to set up an appointment. We also encourage student/parent access to PowerSchool where grades and student progress can be monitored on a frequent basis. 

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