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JCC Admin Update Feb. 17, 2017

No School Friday, February 17 and Monday, February 20, 2017

District Perspective
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At Howard-Winn, our learning is not limited by our "Zip Code". 
This past week CADETS SKYPED and read with students from Virginia to Hawaii. The more we connect, the more we find we have more in common. "They are just like us!"

Thank you to District Librarian Denise Shekleton for being a connector and facilitator of learning! 

Community Voice: Needs Assessment
Board Members and Staff, Parents and Community Members, Students, your voice is important as Howard-Winn begins to take the next steps forward. 

Our school district has requested a Needs Assessment Survey be conducted by the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB). This electronic online survey is designed to help us assess our strengths and areas of needed improvement, with a focus on improving student achievement. All responses are anonymous and we "Thank you" in advance for your participation.

This site is now active!  
Click the link below to start the survey

EXCITED for University of Northern Iowa, College of Education  Dean GaĆ«tane Jean-Marie, Ph.D to be here at Howard-Winn Thursday, February 23, 2017

The plan is for Dr. Jean-Marie to tour the Kessel Kids, K-8 Building, Crestwood High School, and NICC facility. I know she is excited to connect with students, teachers, Instructional Coaches, and principals.

#2020HowardWinn is the "edge of the cutting edge!" 

Change + Challenges = Opportunities and Possibilities
It goes without saying we are living in times of change. For Howard-Winn, we have been experiencing deep systemic change for the last five years. From declining enrollment to closing Elma and Lime Springs/Chester Elementary to reductions in force, to shrinking financial resources, we have met every challenge. 

In spite of all these challenges, CADET NATION has made steady progress towards the 2020 goal that our young people be the best prepared, most recruited kids on the planet.  Building BROADBAND WiFi infrastructure, embedding technology into instruction, connect learners globally, Howard-Winn has achieved a national reputation for innovation and excellence. Learners at Howard-Winn, both young and old, are thinkers, doers and achievers! 

Our Next Challenge  
Howard-Winn Board of Education President Duane Bodermann stated at the February Board meeting his appreciation for work done by teachers. He indicated his desire to the best that can be done for all Howard-Winn employees.  

The thing to keep in mind is that public schools are tax supported, non-profit business charged with educating and preparing young people. That being said, revenues for schools are dependent upon local and state tax dollars. Being dependent on state and local tax dollars means that through public debate, funds are allocated. The charge and responsibility to school boards and administration is to be good stewards of public resources and provide the best that can be provided.  

What I know to be true.
As stewards of public resources, the Howard-Winn Board of Education did not want to go forward with any contract negotiations until increase in State funding to schools was set and insurance cost were determined. Negotiating contract without knowing these important dollar amounts would not be good business.

State funding increase to education has been set by the Legislature at 1.11%. This means Howard-Winn will receive $67,000 in new money. To put this into perspective, to "age" the teachers salary schedule alone is $128,000. This along with other increases in operational costs will continue to be a financial challenge. 

Health Insurance
We were informed today that there will not be an increase/changes in Insurance for 2017-18. Current Health Insurance will stay in place and go forward for the upcoming contract year.  

Changes to Iowa Code, Chapter 20 (Collective bargaining and Master Contracts)
It is my understanding that in the very near future, a new law will be signed that will transform public employment. This means current Master Contracts will become void and local Districts will have the opportunity to create new employment protocols and structures.  

The mandatory topic the union will negotiate is base salary. Anything else needs to be mutually agreed upon, including:

Release time, Grievance procedures, Seniority and any wage increase, employment benefit, or other employment advantage based on seniority, hours, vacations, holidays, leave of absence, shift differentials, overtime compensation, job classifications, health and safety matters, in service training, and anything not prohibited.

Prohibited items are retirement systems, dues checkoffs, payroll deductions for PACs or other political activities, Insurance, leaves of absence for political activities, supplemental pay, transfer procedures, evaluation procedures, and procedures for staff reductions.  

Health insurance is required to be provided to employees.  

An employee cannot be fired without probable cause. 

Howard-Winn wants to attract and retain the best teachers. To do so we will need to be as competitive as we can. We will do this with the resources we have and NOT do something that would put the District in a difficult or dangerous financial position. 

Providing teachers opportunities to attend national curriculum conferences, allocating $300 per teacher for self directed professional growth, flexibility in fulfilling contract time (due to weather cancellations), the District will continue to think "outside the box". 

Change continues to happen and for Howard-Winn this is nothing new. Together we will walk through it all, define the questions and seek solutions.

I look forward to the collaboration and conversation to come.

  • CADET Girls Basketball is on fire! Next up is Mt. Vernon 7:00pm, Saturday at Manchester, Iowa (West Delaware).
  • CADETS Trevor Trende, Trae Pecinovsky and Ryan Steffan are rockin it at the STATE WRESTLING Tournament! #PROUD! 

  • CADET Boys Basketball "tees it up" for State tourney play Monday, February 20 @ Charles City against Charles City!  Go get em Boys! 

Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like...

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