Friday, March 10, 2017

Terese Jurgensen ~ Director of Student Services/Special Education ~ March 10, 2017

Celebrating Dreams & Goals Reached!
I Love Education!
Check out our sweet little girl with Mrs. Grimm and myself. She had been working on some goal areas over the last few years and reached them this week!  We were talking about these goals a few weeks ago, and during this time I shared with her that when the goals were reached, I promised her, "We can hang out!" A few days ago, I was in the lunch room, handing out Cadet Bucks and she ran up to me and exclaimed, "Hey! We can hang out! I met my goal!!!" Words cannot express how much JOY this brought me!  Educating kids is the most wonderful and important career that I have ever experienced. I feel so privileged.

Our little girl's choice to "hang out" was to have Mrs. Grimm and myself have some girl time together, painting her nails and doing her hair.  It was super fun, and all of her teachers, her parents and her siblings are super proud of her!


 Howard-Winneshiek CSD Recognition

I was just contacted by Panorama SEL to inform me that Howard-Winneshiek was recognized by the "Getting Smart" Educational institution that shares out information across the world on innovating schools and educational leadership. Howard-Winn was recognized on the Smart List as a school worth visiting for our 1:1 technology and outstanding educational opportunities.

Check out the website:


More Great News from Twitter

Way to go, Mr. Wiley!

Nice work, ladies!

Nice work, gentlemen!

Outstanding Author visits Crestwood Elementary!

Congratulations to all of our students grades 3-11th for completing Iowa Assessments this week! Have an awesome weekend!  You have earned it!


Have a great week!
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