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April 7, 2017 Preschool & Elementary

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The Northeast Iowa Regional STEM Advisory Board announced this week that Howard-Winn's Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Third Grade Teachers have been awarded STEM Scale-Up Grants for next year. The Transition Kindergarten and Third Grade classrooms will be working on a program called Making STEM Connections. The Kindergarten Classrooms will be working on a program called Ramps and Pathways. Congratulations to those teachers who successfully completed the grant applications: Shari Marr, Paula Galvin, Michelle Timp, Julie Franzen, Melissa Adams, Karen Kuhn, Michelle Midthus and Instructional Coach Heather Suckow!

Get Outside
Spring is finally here and the snow is gone! Now is an excellent time to get outside and take advantage of the nicer weather. Mother Nature is a great teacher and getting kids outside to learn and play is good for their brains and their bodies. Getting kids out in nature is more essential today given that children are spending nearly 8 hours a day using entertainment media and only 6 percent of children ages 9-13 play outside on their own. We are at risk of losing an entire generation’s appreciation for how nature works and what it needs to remain healthy and productive.

 “Fresh air, exercise, and creative exploration are just a few of the benefits children can experience when they spend time outdoors. Encouraging children to be active while outdoors is important for their physical, cognitive, and social development. By fostering more opportunities for outdoor learning, we will help the next generation grow and develop as they build an appreciation for nature at an early age.”

Dr. Courtney Crim, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Trinity University

This website has some great resources to make your experience outside a learning adventure--In your own backyard

Outstanding Students + Amazing Teachers + Involved Parents = Crestwood Elementary


Sara Grimm

Here is a great graphic with some free learning websites for kids. 
Check them out with your kids:

PTO Meeting Rescheduled 
The April PTO meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, April 10th at 5:30 in the Discovery Center.


Preschool Registration Spring Open House 
Our annual Preschool Open House will be on Friday, April 28th at the Crestwood Preschool Building,1135 Canterbury Street, in Cresco from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM OR 4:30-5:30 PMPlease attend the time that best fits your schedule to fill out district registration paperwork and preschool forms.  Plan on spending about 20 minutes filling out paperwork. This is also an opportunity to talk to and ask the preschool teachers questions. It is up to you if you want to bring your child.  Please bring your child’s most recent physical, immunization record and birth certificate.  (An official document that has your child’s birthdate on it such as a Medicaid insurance card or a passport can be accepted in place of a birth certificate.)

Kindergarten Round-up 
Kindergarten Round-up will be held at Crestwood Elementary on Friday, April 28th
from 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Children only, Parents do not need to attend.

Kindergarten Parent Informational Meeting
There will be a parent meeting for incoming kindergarten parents on Thursday, April 20th at 5:30.  

Classroom Redemption Collection

The Crestwood Cadet PTO is sponsoring a Classroom Redemption Collection. Be sure to ask friends, neighbors and out of town and in town relatives to start collecting on your behalf.

Substitute Teachers and Associates Needed
Do you like working with children and helping them learn? Do you enjoy working in a high-energy, creative learning/working environment? If your answer is "YES" we need you! Howard-Winn is looking for substitute teachers and associates to work in our classrooms. In the absence of the regular classroom teacher or associate you would be helping students to learn subject matter and/or skills that are required for curriculum lessons and providing meaningful instruction for our students in their classrooms. If interested please submit a letter of application and a resume to: Superintendent, 1000 Schroder Drive, Cresco, IA 52136

Here's what we've been up to . . .
The preschoolers’ journey with recycling continued. They kicked off the week by creating boats out of recycled materials. Later in the week they tested them out in water. First, they made sink and float predictions about their boats. After predicting, the preschoolers set their boats to sail in water and practiced their counting skills as they observed them float and sink.

Preschool also started “Golden Tickets” with the classes. If other teachers and associates see students doing their jobs (Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful) they can get a Golden Ticket. Each classroom goal is to get 10 so they can play at the elementary playground!

Preschool Family Fun Night

Transitional Kindergarten

Does all food grow underground? Can you grow food at your house? These were our guiding questions this week as we start our investigations and lessons for our study on foods and farms. Students looked at resources, planted a variety of seeds (including some mystery seeds), and engaged in creative play.

Documenting the planting process in science journals.

Planting seeds. Some seeds were planted in soil and some in sand.

Students will observe for differences in growth patterns.

New toys purchased with the grant money supporting this unit of study.


They recently read the book Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer. They worked on making predictions, retelling, making connections, inferring, and stating opinion. They also worked on blending and segmenting words, rhyming, and concepts of print (using words in a sentence; counting words; meaning of comma, period, question mark, and quotation marks).

In math they continue to work on counting by 1s to 100, 2s to 20, and 5s and 10s to 100. They also worked on reinforcing the meaning of the + and – signs, practicing complements of 10, and addition and subtraction facts with small numbers.
Learning to add is fun!

Working on writing

Some student free time brings out their interests (Sabertooth Tiger)

First Grade

Practicing our reading comprehension by answering questions about a story

Searching the cupcakes to make compound words

This class researched and wrote facts about frogs.
They did an excellent job and many of the kids wanted to research more topics!

Camp Read-S'More
1st graders and their parents came to school for a night of reading.
As you can see they had a great time!

Second Grade

Using Siri to help spell "creatures" for a fairy tale

Guided reading discussion

Writing time

Working on Facts and Opinions- writing facts about dogs

Guest reader today! We all LOVE read aloud time!

Third Grade
Working on mentor sentences

Talking about styles of non-fiction writing

Imagery discussion

Fourth Grade

Awesome job by our 4th graders at their vocal concert this week!

Math work

Drawing and measuring angles

Fifth Grade
Starting a science read aloud

Enjoying baseball multiplication and other math games!

Sixth Grade

Peers giving one another feedback on their explanatory pieces

Giving one another stars and wishes for their explanatory writing

Reviewing energy conservation playing Kahoot

Working together to evaluate expressions


Digraph work with magnetic letters

Is reading class really boring? No. 
Could you read a book about yawning without yawning yourself?


Monday, April 10                        5:30 Parent-Teacher Organization Meeting 
                                                           (Discovery Center)
Monday, April 10                        7:00 School Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 11                       3:00-5:00 Tumbler and Popcorn Pick-up (Elem Cafeteria)
Thursday, April 13                     5th Grade Field Trip to Des Moines
Friday, April 14                          NO SCHOOL-Easter Vacation
Monday, April 17                       NO SCHOOL-Easter Vacation

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