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JCC Admin Update April 7, 2017

District Perspective
Superintendent / Activities Director
John Carver
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Make Good Decisions 
Each Spring is a time of joy! With PROM and Graduation comes celebrations that bring families and friends together.  It can, and should be, a wonderful time for all.  However, bad choices about drinking and driving can have devastating consequences.  

At Crestwood High School this past Friday, area Law Enforcement, EMS, and community resources came together to present a very realistic "what could happen". The staged accident and funeral of a fictitious boy was a love gift to students to think and make good choices.  Again THANK YOU to all who contributed and participated. We all want the young people of CADET NATION safe and strong! 

It was ROCKIN at the Elementary last week....

How about State Competition bound Crestwood FFA?!

Work on CADET STADIUM moves forward!

CRESTWOOD High School leading the way with CBE (Competency Based Education) and SBG (Standards Based Grading)
CADET NATION continues to lead the way in assessing student learning.  When we were in school, grades were based on a percentage of what we learned and knew.  90% and above an "A", 80% and above a "B" and so on.  

Crestwood Secondary Staff are part of a statewide group exploring how to measure academic achievement, not on a percentage of what you know, but what you can show you know.  With SBG "Dot to Dot", fill in the blank, multiple choice, tests are replaced with students demonstrating what they know, with parts that they don't know going back and mastering it.  Much RESPECT to Mr. Rogne and his TEAM for their leadership and service to make it better for kids!

Living in time of change
The Howard-Winn Board of Education respects and values the contributions and service of ALL Howard-Winn employees in educating and preparing our children. That being said, we are all living in a time of uncertainty and change. Things that we have known and lived with for many years are now in a state of flux. 

Specific to us here at Howard-Winn includes: curriculum, instruction and assessment, as well as enrollment, funding and conditions of employment. The truth is there are so many moving parts in play right now that it is uncomfortable for ALL of us. We ALL (Board members and employees) want stability and no surprises. Being cautious and prudent now is crucial.

The one thing for sure is that the "new normal" is change. Being transparent, collaborating and not forgetting to TRUST each other, walking the journey together, we will be able to navigate through change. Unlimited opportunities are up ahead. We just need to keep moving forward!

It is indeed my honor and pleasure to share this experience and adventure with you.

Howard-Winn Happenings.......
Monday, April 10
 Boys Golf at Edgewater Golf Course - Oelwein
 Girls Golf at Cresco Golf Course
 School Board Meeting in the Media Center
Tuesday, April 11
 Varsity Boys Track at CHS
 Varsity Girls Track at Osage
Thursday, April 13
 High School Band Tour to St. Louis/Nashville
 Boys Golf at Oneota Golf Course
 Varsity Boys Track at MFL Mar-Mac
 Varsity Girls Track at MFL Mar-Mac
Friday, April 14
 HS Band Tour to St. Louis/Nashville
 NICC - No classes
 NO SCHOOL - Good Friday
WhenFriday, Apr 14, 2017
 Boys Golf Tournament at Waverly Municipal Golf Course
 Girls Golf vs Waverly-Shell Rock at Cresco Golf Course
Saturday, April 15
 HS Band Tour to St. Louis/Nashville
Sunday, April 16
 HS Band Tour to St. Louis/Nashville
Monday, April 17
 HS Band Tour to St. Louis/Nashville
 NICC - No classes


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