Friday, May 26, 2017

Terese Jurgensen ~ Director of Student Services/Special Education ~ May 26, 2017

 Best School Year Ever!
It's the last day of the 2016-2017 school year for the Cadets. Every year, I say the same thing - Wow! This was the best school year yet! Where did the time go? Last weekend, a dear friend of mine told me, "Terese, less words ~ more pictures!"  For anyone who knows me, less words is not easy, but in honor of my last update for the year, I wanted to add more pictures that are worth a thousand words. These memories have personal meaning to me and have helped define me and define our mission and vision for Howard-Winneshiek CSD. 

Pictured above is Howie with a group of awesome kids at a home football game. At HWCSD - our focus, our purpose and our passion is for kids! 


Trevor Regan - provided professional development to our teachers and support staff in September ~ Growth Mindset focus!
In early September, we invited Trevor Regan of TRAIN UGLY to provide staff development on Growth Mindset. This was our focus and it has impacted our student data on Social Emotional Learning. The high school students grabbed onto the idea that a new course offering on Growth Mindset will be curriculum in 2017-18 


  Max Garcia ~ Holocaust Survivor  

In early fall the students, staff and community were blessed by having Max Garcia, author and Holocaust Survivor speak to all of the HWCSD students from grades 6-12. Max also spoke to a "standing room only" crowd at the Cresco Theater. Max taught us many things, but one of his main messages to young people was to be tough - focused - live life on purpose - believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. In a nutshell, have a growth mindset and grit!   

Please keep Max in your thoughts and prayers as he is recovering from a fall where he broke 5 of his ribs. Our 6th grade students made him cards!                                              

Merry Christmas ~ Compassion ~ Pass it on!

Giving back to our community is a big part of who we are at Crestwood. Above is Keith Anderlik (Success Team), Kevin Pira (High School Graduated Student) and Doug Sickles (Junior High Guidance).  They are pictured here with just a few of the articles that were given out to families right before the Christmas Holiday. The money for these gifts are raised throughout the school year by teachers donating money during "Jeans Week." Kevin told me, "To deliver the gifts was very meaningful to him and the families appreciated the kindness of the school." 

Temple Grandin 

One of our prime areas of focus in special education is to empower and teach our students who struggle with Social Emotional Learning is to embrace their dreams and passions. During the winter months, I was honored, along with several special education teachers, to meet and learn from Dr. Temple Grandin. Temple is an amazing woman who has impacted the cattle industry and the world with her knowledge, passion and wisdom to support students on the autism spectrum. Dr. Grandin also spoke this year in New Hampton as a part of their FFA Chapter. It was exciting to have many of our students from the high school get to hear her story and learn from her experiences.  She has been an inspiration to me for years, and I was super blessed to meet her! 

Education is Changing

The State of Iowa and indeed the nation saw many changes in the world of public education. We will have to wait and see what these changes will mean to Howard-Winneshiek, but I wanted to share this because I believe teaching is the most difficult and wonderful profession! These are Temple Grandin's words written on the right - she stated, "If it weren't for teachers, she would not be who she is today." 

 Superintendent John Carver
John Carver is moving to Tennesee with his wife Pam and to be closer to their daughter Emily after 5 years as the HWCSD District Superintendent. Mr. Carver has impacted my life and the lives of all of the Howard-Winn School Community in so many outstanding ways. He put Howard-Winn on the global map, and supported all of us to look at the world of education in a new and futuristic way. His impact on my life cannot be put into a few short words. As a member of this community, an administrator and as a parent, I would like to say, "Thank you, Mr. Carver for your vision, your passion and your leadership. I wish you the very best, and know great things will continue to happen at Howard-Winn because you were here. God Bless You!"

                                                                                                       Theodore Ihns -
                                                                                                      New Superintendent

Howard-Winneshiek is welcoming Theodore (Ted) Ihns (pictured left) as the district's new superintendent. Mr. Ihns is a graduate of HWCSD and grew up in Lime Springs. I am excited to work with Mr. Ihns as during the interview I was impressed with his systemic thinking, passion for kids and love for the Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools! Welcome!

Social & Emotional Learning

I would be remiss not to include the article that was released this year by the Iowa Department of Education on Howard-Winneshiek. The focus was Social Emotional Learning and as a result we had countless schools reach out and visit to find out more on what we are doing here at Howard-Winn. This is a huge Shout-Out to the district, not just in special education, but throughout everything we are doing for kids to meet their social, emotional, mental and human needs. Thank you!!!

It's hard to put into words the impact Kyler Bina has made on my life. I miss him every day, and wish I could see his orange jacket in the parking lot or get a funny email from him. I have this picture cut out and next to it I have written, "Go Hug a Student Today!" My last conversation with Kyler ended with a hug and the words, "I am proud of you." As I think of him and pray for his family, I remind myself that the reason we are here everyday is for kids. It's not for anything else.


Last Day of School
May 26, 2017

Elementary Students had a big assembly to honor students with Perfect Attendance, honor Retiring Teachers & Put Pies in teachers' faces who were voted for during the Cadet Carnival!
Mr. Bieber and I get "Pied in the Face" by 2 lucky Cadets whose names were drawn out of a hat!


Have a great summer!
We are looking forward to the 2017- 2018 School Year

If you need to reach me this summer, please don't hesitate!
Terese Jurgensen
(563) 929-6344


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